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Id keeping withnoar Eing's request, we did not ash Preeddent Caatlllo toprotests to tte OAS cr the OT, but lt is eapoctod that this action will be taken when thoro Is acre positivelion of ArooDX* plans.

Sy OnAprilC

^nxe eaten to inaparo press activity conaeanloB Arbena' licpea&Lng it turn to this haadsZjhare. Xn

Jwlth Its Eaad^uai'lejs la Hgxloo CHqy waa directed to aaaa ^cahlo Jsratsata tolatin Aaaalcan presidents, tha OAS and the UH. Secondary cable protests Xroo asaftHonf of thiaerewnl-satlon* will bo fxrthcoidns from botosIanhoaa stations were also instructed to aaa thsdrs8 asaats to point cat tho congor tttinherent An Arbans' rotura had thtwipis^erthsm,

f paouuttrasd laforation

that1-Arbem aar botirlrsTi visa, Co tha aaao date. Is,vanish language naawgeacr of sow lork city, carried sn APateline frca Paris stating that Arbens hadis* for Gruguay end tbat ho acold fly to Crwfioayppori*m has asksd

(fitioble mart Tte arrange

a reception eaasnsUclloa for Arbenst the racepUonrcoamttoe woold frafltttf*gragisysu joernallata aha erealth the newan^-rjenpgirt maa aewJatAcalast mnth in tiaa daring tha Third Cengres* 4pHhwft Scriat ahtorrontSon.

far ths purpuaa of Threo gawral attar (to bo released

other C ^dnaaonta hsso beenata for use la this operation, of lafbTsBfhlcfl hare bean Iflnii a) political ia) personallt? data <todd o) aateriia oa the schism within Oaataaalen to bo releafiod la Chile). After the initial reiser

t Ma hotirlty behind tho IronndicatlDCT that his daughters sre ctHl Hi CoaranrlBt SAuourcra to Eatlsa. Category

dlociooao Arbeasi unstable character, Jxaflntilng,

opinions sacral hisruglpso-tmninc, rmSalthful in bis sarltal life, the lore affairs of hia wife Kith leadingcaadal caused by hin In Prague, his ottcrgited cuioldB, end there ere prow reports about his err eat for

oVunkcnnoGS In

Psrls. Category (c) ixtfornatlon involves nuaerou* personalitiesArbens and could bo used toedge between the Ccesmnlnt and non-Coaviaaxlat fscidijns. Onesere be^ng sent $qfT

Jlxiatrutrtlng thesefrield mono la being sent tothom up-to-dato on the crjayOete operation

shd providing then with general lnatructlons.

?. It will tx? ponaiblo to cooliaison choanale or

other hlgVlevel official oorrtVcta to passrm ^Itosna, Cuba, Bio da Janeiro, Sao Psnlo, Hmteviaeo,Caracas, Bogota, Quito, la Pas, Lima and Santiago.eviewaade of -Tho Gray Book*. otOfiUlM only)PESUCCKS. This book ceatalas decaasnto froa Arbens*(rcTfrSTOax). ay bo auarth wJdln

order to pass it tlirough the iiIbiio<misi1

VS files snd those af Oraphlca fieglatry bare been reviewedphotographs which night be reaurroctad at tMs tine fornwnhsrScssa photographs of tils Wnd hare been

foundenlaphere-^rfife awtllng lo pliew^ thronghjr*

ontrolledin city. Cable irurtructlnnn win also

Ing that the ckuvtemalan Qorvronaut er am ocitcnnlbly privateln coBternla relceso other photographs for inieruetional

TO The IrbenVhaa been dl^cnaaod with the pp Senior Staff. The Staff-was of the opinion that there aright atlU be tlao to do ecoathlng ln Partsisa to baring Arbena returned to CssohoaloTakla. Jn case Ms departure froa Paris Is delayed, further Mmr.vnkvv of this possibility will be held. The Staff slso felt that sonetbing night bo done through tba OAS, snd as discussed above, this action la being hold in abeyance until the rwrpxrtceat of State agrees thst the tlaa is propitious,

ll Lfitin Aaerican atattoas are being ljurtractsd to render mutual support to each other through lateral rouchlng of elirsdnga snd

If Arfceox, In fact, arrives in this Beolsphere, aa attenpt will bo nude to expose hi* political and aubvaralre activities, thus showing that he has violated the accepted rule of asylum.

The above parngraphs disclose vBricus actions alreadyumber of US stations. It Is difficult to say, owing to normal pouch delays, exactly bow far operations have progressed. Press clippings, ln compliance with our Instructions, have been received, bowover, from Uruguay, Cuba and Guatemala.

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Western Bealspbere Division

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