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Weatarn partenhMo Division



SUBJECT i Jacoboc-President ofperations Againat

A cable"aye that Arbena will depart Parle oney rland tbat he ie expected to arrive In Montevideo0 hours looal tlae onay.

Before WE Division's precise objective oan be determined, lt ls believed necessary to find oat Arbens1 exact plans In thissnd to take account of his public statements after his orrlval In Montevideo. urther guide of our activities will be the aaterje and extent of the threat caused by his presence ln Latin America.

The attachment le the resultvsoarbh task carried out largelyit includes lHi.no; materials.nformation, as wall aa data froa other sources. There ore several suggestlona as to how theso Mtorials sight be exploited i

a. pass selected portions to pTwsldent Castillo Armas (wis our staff agent)equest that he send them by speoial emissaryuatemalan journalist) to Montevideo where effort will be node to have then published)

^ b. "Tree-up" selected portions (especially then order that it may be passed Into high-level elrclos of the various Latin American Governments, for the most pert

through normalchannelsj

c. Utilise Dew press association established last Month


or two Joumalirte froa this assooiation would be aont to Montaridao where they would endeavor to publish selected parts of tha attachment and than to arrange for replay through their colleagues in other parts of Latinresumably, it would ba poaslble foreas to remain as Arbena' overt shadow, to aooovpeny hia to any part of Latin America, and lt Is believed feasible to supply themontinuingith publishable data gleaned froa our operationsj

d. Assign to an Agency psychiatrist tha task of reviewing tha attached materialsiew to writing an aaaeasaaxtt ofind of character analysis whioh might, in fast, have bean writtenootor aho has stalled Arbenseries of personal intervleasjocument might then be surfaced inlace aa Mexico, for example, as having been acquiredsaoh defectorj

a. Continue to make press plants of selected materials in various countries of tho Hemisphere,

U. Upon Arbens' arrival in Montevideo the Division will againepartaeot of State, that it amy now be time for

Castillo Armas to lodge complaints with tha OAS and the UK.

5. earch In ths Graphics Registry has uncovered abouthorror photographs of the Arbens regime which will bein large siae and glossy print. It is planned tocopies of each photothen the photos

will, in tarn, ba sailed to important newspapers in eachcountry by the

j.c. mo



As stated above


ll Jum WOi ote fro* Maria oe ARi*BTZ to Victory Manual (probably Victor ManualREZ) In which flheet of the statute* of the perty the latter haa just formed, and aeke for the returnsmpblat on the rights of nan which she had loaned hln. HISTORT, C

("CWEKTi Thia letter eon be uood to strengthen the case againat Maria ee ARBHJZ, whose pro-Communist synpathiss aro popularly believed to bare strongly lnfloonoed her husband. It should be distributed in photostat form.

i akh'N/ and Jess Manual TORTUBT are olose personalassigned by the Communist Party ae Its liaisonend advisor te AaWK._afiflBCelley end action.

B leadership tea..

riaVTJossminm-rarty poUey was influenced by AKHEXZ, and lSSm> aot ions vera Influenced by tea Perty. The Party was able to dominate tho other political parties within tbe coalition supporting ARBOR through PORfoaT and AJtBHB. ealously gusrded bio relationship with ABBSQ, snd attempted to keep ale (AJuaDDV) oontaota with other Party leadersinimum. POCTTCT often garo AABXSX advise before Informing the Party POKTVWI.wlth tho aid ef the Cuban Communists, made tba Initial arrenaaments far tbe purobaae ef arms fron Cssehaslovskls during hia trip to the Soviet Bice endingenary ly-flu Alfonso HART mm asteres paid for tba arms, veined at <but the coat to Oeatenala wssooo,ooo. fha price redact ion was Soriat Bice aid to Ouatemala. clandestine oontaota with the international Communist oomplax In Mexico were relatlroly hoary during the period January to June lyA, These oontaotoleeely guarded secret and few detail, are unliable. ARBOR oo no ids re it aa error aot tc havo obtained outright Cemmunlst air aupport daring tho revolution of Juno lyft, rather than depending upon the Ouatomalan aray. POBTUNIeeting ln Ouatemala between ARBENZoviet commercial attache. Source believes that ruKTUHi's known panic aad peealadaa aay have offeoted AKBKNZ aad lad tc hie resignation. PouTCQi

COHMBfft Much of this is widely known end non-sensltlva. it eon be peaeed to Liaison Servlceo or published.


kt Copyote fron Col. Hubert F. JULIAN, alia* Black Eagle, stating "Thanks for the doubleoross,ave powerful friend* in Ouatemala. We'lla the boat. ay you oaah but the Oovernment sent the tlllj.OOO to their Minister. Tou wantou anal! get aaaa ingrates. /a/ H. JULIAN."

COMMENTt Tliia isolumelue Material, PBHISTORT, ARBENZ peraonal papers. Thia docuaent oan ba published In photographic form Indicating the faot that JULIAN, who aade anas purchases forin Europe waaick-bank to ARBENZ. It is not eoneiderad sensitive.

ebruary Igght Hubert Fsuatlerey JULIAN, checkedotel In Guatemala City onU. (Alfonso MABTDQCZ rate mad froa Swit ser lend on JULIANaw lork address and regiBtared In tha hotel as being In Onatn businaas. Ha said ha had bean satire in Ouatemala for four years,

COMMENTi This conflraa tbe ldantlty of tba writer af tbe shorereportsd on several occasions that JULIAN had aaaa soasfor tha Quatamalan Govarnaent during bis (hll&Sf's) tannrathat bs (HUSST) had helped

clear tne wanmtM, most or anion^arohased in Switserlaad.

1hi In his State of tha Nation mas saga to Congress ARBENZ firaly rejected the idea of presaoutiou of tba Ooasanniets and strongly endorsed these as damooratie and loyal supporters of his administration,

COMMENT! Overt. Useful as background.

JM arrival of tba Alfhalm shipment of arms purchased froa tha

COMMENTi Overt. Useful aa background. See Top Secret Attachmentor farther data on Alfhalm shipment.

ei Parte of the Alfhalm shipment arrived In Guatemala City free Puerto barriosay. ARBENZ stated tbat ha planned to bring in European technicians and/or yLLota and to release tha US Military Mission, aa its membars knew nothing about tha arms whioh were arriving.


OOMstft This la no longer senaitire, and oaa readily be coupled with recant propaganda vhleh ties In Soviet Bloc aid vith espionage and political action tease operating under the cover of technicians.

bhi Memorandum to ARBENZ froa tba Chief of Staff of tba Amy-ttlnc forth raaaona why tha Government should rid Itself of Canajunlsta.raft of JiBKNZ' planned reply to tba Amy defending Communist participation in tha Governaant.

CoMK>*Ti Tula Islue -Material, PBH1STGRX, ARBENZ personal papers. This is no longar sensitive and will land Itself to publication and reproduction. This is alee ana of tha donuaente raproduoad In attachmentookletumber of similar documents. Ceosidaration should ba given to arranging for preparationimilar booklet (either ay thar Oaotaaals) for distribution to liaiaoa asrvieas and eventual press relaaee.

Ui Tha Guatemalan Council of latlooel Defense (elected repreoentatlves of Amy officers, plus oertaln others auoh as tha Minister of Defense aad Chief of Staff) called an AB3EBZ within tba last few days ostensibly to thank hia for tba aaa arms, but actually to suggest that ba gat rid of tha CenaauvLste and to tell aia tbat tha Aray la antl-Oawsinlst. Tba Amy in effect askedhaaaa in tha Oevern-msnt's orientation, (cs,

COMMBfTi This olarifles tba reasoning bahlnd tha Amy aeraorandum to ARBENZ on this subject. The Information la no longar sensitive, and may be coupled with tha Any aaanismhis.

U sane lrSUi ARBEMZ met vith laediag civilian Oovarnaaat offloials for three hours onune concerning theesire to persuade ARBENZ to gat rid of tba Comaunlste. ARBENZ said that his policies arovith or without tho Ooaaunlsts.

This la no longer sensitive, and oan be used with ths ether asterlal ao tha Aray raoaest ta ARBENZ.

une lffiti ARBENZ* daughter departed froa Ouateaala to Mexico.

COMMENTi Overt. Can be used asrats deserting tbo sinking ship" theme.


The Army gave ARBENZo get rid of tbe Comaunists. -

C.*CiKMTi Thleot confirmed, but can be used. It le not sensitive.

i The Guatemalan Amy was reported in Mexico onune to have oalleoTon ARBENZ toirm decision on Governmental policy towards Conmainisn. ARBENZ asked until tho weekune to give hia reply. New Iork Times,U

COMMENTi This oan bs coupled with the above item.

t ARBENZ1 mother departed froa Ouatemala to Mexico. COMMENT1 Overt. "Hats deserting ths sinking ship" theae.

ln eeting of tha Cabinet in ths aorning ofune was also attended by Guatemalan CommunistB Victor Manual GUTIERREZ, Alfredo GUERRA Borgas, and Bernardo ALVARADO Honson. At this netting ARBENZ said that tba preasure on tbe Government being exerted by ths revolutionary foroes of Carlos CASTILLO Armas was not great.

COMMENT 1 This is no longer sensitive, and osa ba tied in with other material to contrast ARBENZ' apparent optimism with his resignation andew days later. Tbe attendance of Oomannlatsabinet meetingerious oris is ia also worth dissemination.

hi ARBENZ and other Governaant leadere have aads arrange-ments to take asylum in ths Mexican Embassy in Guatemala Oity if necessary.

(PD &3

CCMOSBi Not sensitive. Useful for "rats desertingine.

gjiltt Photostatic oopy of an order from Rogelio CRUZ War, Chief of the Guardia Civil during ARBENZ regime, direotlnfi tha immediate arrest of all anti-Coamuniat mayors sad city oounollsen regardless of present party affiliation but who have antl-Ccmaunlst political Thay are to ba held in prison and at tha first attack by the opr^oition thoy are to he shot immediately. (PBHISTORI.C )


mm mm

jOht DENAS and hia wife dined onUthe hone of Senator Lula I. RODRIGUEZ, where ARU*5NZ and hifl wife were temporarily residing. On the following day ARBKHZ left with CARDENAS toew days at CARDENAS' country estate near Patsouero, Mlohoaoan.) Confirmed by PHLS report. Unolaselfiedi bi Othere at CARDI-NiS' home are Guillermo TORIRLLO, Rogello CRUZ her and Jaime BOSENBKRO. (La I're naa, Hew York,seable)

COKMENTi Not sensitive. The link with RODRIGUEZ, who la active in many pro^ommuniet0 useful. ARBENZ stayed at RODRIGUEZ' home when he first arrived in Mexico. The relationship with Lasaro CARDENAS oan also be used, but not too effectively sinos CARDENASertain amount of respeot in left of center (butre les. The link with CRUZ WerKNUERG la, of course, extremely useful.

l*i Jaoobo ARBENZ, ex-PTMid*at of Guatemala, and hia wife have decided to go ta Swltserlend as soon as possible once they have obtained their eafe conduct peraito to leave Ooateaala. ARBENZ' parents were born in Switzerland. Mrs, ARBENZ has been studying German in tbs Mexican Embassy in Guatenala. ARBENZ has been very depresr^d. This faot le oonflrmed by the very few who have seen hin (bis asslstanta,TORIKLIO snd Augusto CHARNAUD NocDonald), Few of tbe people who sought asylum la the Mexican Embassy have been permitted to visit oRUENZ, but ho has nota stated by tha press, since ARBKHZ naa Deen in theeey be has never received Joss Manual FORTUNT ex-Secretary General of Partido Guafcenalteco del TTabaJoLICHERPZ -C

COMMENTi This is now mostly overt. Cam should be taken not to uss ths portion indicating estrangement from FORTUNT since their relationship is moat useful In our PP oase against ARBENZ.

5fa, ARBENZ' extradition was roguebted by the Guatemalan Oovernment. ARBENZ la believed to bo in Mexico Cityrief rest In Ac^pulco. He is now living with his familyidtown apartment ia Mexico City. (Raw Xorkb)

COMMENT. Useful ss background.

illi Alfonso SOLORZANO Fernandet, former manager of Institute uuateaaitooo de Segurldad Socialtated that heTeosntly had an interview with Jaoobo ARBENZ Oumman, former President of Guatemala, in


which they exchanged views oo various aepects of Guatemalan politics. SOLORZANO Indloated to ARfitNZtateeent from hin to the Mexican press would be very desirable. ARBENZ replied that be did not think lt was an opportune moment because of tbe promise Mexico had requested fron him to abstain fronit leal action whloh mighttrain in relations between Kexloo and Oustemala. ARBENZ also told SOLORZANO that any statements froa hia to the press at this time would Inoroasa tha campaign against Ouateaalan exiles and would give the participants in this campaign new reason for requesting the extradition of these exiles. ARBKMZ said that In tba future bs would be willing to aaka statements te tbs press bat not at the present tine. ajLARZAMO ond ARBENZ discussed at length tba subjeot ef organising laeaocratie Front of all tba political parties which had supported tbe ARBENZ Government, including tha ARBENZ authorised SOLORZANO to start work on this project, but lnalsted thettbay aot with tba greatest of discretion mo as not to Jeopardise ARBENZ* asete position la Hexioo. According to SQUMZAmXj, ha did not discuss with arbenz tba disposition of fends removed frost Onstaasla at ths tins tbo ARBENZ Qevarnaant was overthrows. SOLOUAK) said tbat he did not believe that hia first interview with ARBENZ was the oppertuna time to bring upelicate question, which oould Leadupture of political relations with ARBENZ. (LXCHEBHT

COMMKNTi This oan be used by leaving out BOLORZANO's name without endangering ths source. ARBENZ reluctance te engage in political activity can ba related to oowardlos or Ciaaaiiilst direction. Tha statement about tho funds indicates thst tbs other exiles ware eager to lay bands on tba funds allegedly taken out of Ouatemala by ARBENZ. Theae funds ware the subject of widespread speculation among tha exilesaad have thus far Dot bean forthcoming. Oood asa oan ba aade of ARBENZ' nur-es sistenet to tba other exiles while ba lived well in Europe.

U-lg Ootober IgShi onctober IPS* tba Guatemalan prase snseusead the replacement of Manuel BEHDrTlLDT as President of tbe Bank of Ouataaala. During tba following days tha press reported thatnd hie predecessor wars responsible for ths alsappropriation afrom tha bank la Marshordlng te th* Attorney Oeneral, onb, at tha order of tha Ministry of Finance, the sank of Ouataaala transferred to tbe Union da Bananas Suisse, at the disposal of Constantinoopot, than Direotor Cenersl of Highways, tbs sea of The funds pieced in the Swiss Bank were almost immediately transferredeak In Cseohoalovakla, and that although no official infomation is available, It Is known that tho funds ware transferred almost immediately from the Oseoh bank to banks elsewhere In

Farooc and the ITS to the oredlt of arbibz, various of bla ministers, Rogelio cruz Wer, snd other party leaders. Oost Enb, Damp.t.

jj*tti Thla amount le approximately tho total prloo of tba Alfhelm shipment, and probably mas tho money used to psy for It. however, there ls no need ln our propaganda to mention that foot. The lackatla-factory accounting for the funds can bo twisted to our use as proof of arbkhz' peculation.

Ihe meekly Mexican aagaslne Siempre carried an interview with jRBSJTZ in itst issue In whloh IMfcal accosed the Ouatemalan irmy ef betrayinf: him.

CCewUsli This and similar entl-Army them is should be stressed inin On Much aaa ba msds efto arm

the peasants tc fight the CASTILLO Armas forcea, aad tba Army's refusal to permit this.

Raul SIERRA Franco plaoed the blame for thaof funds for tho Alfhelm purchase on Carlos DIAZ, Jose Angsl 9AMCHBZ, Carlos ALDANA Sandoval, Constantino BQOtASCOHI, aad Alfonso KARTTHKZ. He Wiled that ARHCMZ was erne of the responsible pert lei. He stated tbat DIAZ, SANCHEZ, snd MARTDOZ probably got about ten por oast oomwilssloc on the arms purchase, (press)

OOMKKWTi SIKHRA was under fire es possibly being ens ef these who profited froa the ame deal, and ln offset, turned state's evidence. Thie can be used aost effectively la eeocmetion with the 'oca-ruptlon-thaas.

i The exile pronp la Mexico is not happy with arbctz1 planned trip to Switzerland boeause ha has not divided the money taken from the Coatemalan Treasury prior to Ms resignation. The money had boon depoeited In Swiss bonks. ARBHTi was allaged to have up0 in eashrip to Suit as rl snd.

cohmrhti This ls froa an fbi report. This information is widely known and was reportedumber of sources. It oan be used to show how arbenz dsserted his followers, leaving then penniless.

eputedly liberal notion placing stringent conditions on ARBFJVZ* reoidence there.

Ouatemalan exiles In Mexico expect ARBENZ to return froai Europe in ths Lamodlate future. Many neesboro of too Pertldo do sec ion ReToluclonarlo Unificado (PARD) dreed hie return because they feer lt nayreater division between tbe Quateavalan exilehey fear, particularly, ble fsvorittssi toward the Ooamunlsts and Joes M. FORTUNT, former Secretary-General of the Ccowunlit Party ln Ouatemala. (IJOHERRT

COMMENT. Notens it Its. Thle osn be used ln oonneotioo with rsoent reports from Tsrlcus oouroes (HOSSTj TNLUCK) that the quaetion of ARBENZ' return haa oeused some friction within the Union Patriotica Quatonaltoca (QPO) In Mexico. The UPQ in composed of representatives of allaxils groups la mexloo. The CoasainlstB hare strongly supported ARfirjfZ1 return and participation ln the CPO, while the imHDossranlsts hare been reluctant to care ARBENZ return unless Juan Jose ARSTALO osn bs brought to Msxioo to oountsrbalsnoe ARBENZ.

P Guatemalan exiles in Mexico are expecting ARBENZ' return. Many PAID mmmssrrs dread his return because lt aay sense greater dissension among the ftistsmalon exile groups. Those fears are osssed by ARBENZ' past fsrorltlsn to the Ccsssunists snd Jose Manual KSSVTt, in particular.

COHMBoTs this Is fairly orert ln exUs circle* and eea be used tellingly to mark ARBQfZcaeaunlat ss contrasted with ths nrn Hexiles. This dlvislTe theae aay resultidening split between the Coaaunlsts and non-Consminist Chiatemalan exllss, based oa ARBENZ1 politioal role.

September lySgi ARBENZ applied for membership in the POT ln5 through Lesarc PESA who ls tbe top international liaison agent for tho Communist Parties In the Caribbean ares In their relations with the CPSO and other florist Bloc parties. GUERRA Borges and KJRTUNT vroU ARBENZ In5 expressing Joy erer his application, but stating that the natter required thorough consideration. The application is still being held lo sbeysaooa ths Party realise* that ARBENZ Is too import sat to bo scocptedank and flla Banker ln accordance with statutory practice, snd la reluctant to bring hia directly into ths Party politioal ocssaisslon.)


OWftNTi Sensitive. Thia should not be mentioned et ear rote since Its effect would be counterproductive. Thereohool of thought whioh believes thet the only Communist isaerd-carrylng one) snd refuses tooreympathiser can be equally dangerous.

eptember lySSi sex forkthat Prague redlo announced tbe arrival of ARBEXZ and his family

CCfflttaTi background use only.

LU October ly$5' ARBSNZress Interview In Prague during5 during which he stated thet the Swiss had treated him well, snd that Swiss oltisensblp Ls his for tbe asking. Stateantiago, lb$

COMHBVTi Sot sensitive. Ceefol In placing aBBBQ in Prague. The Swiss cltisenehlp issue should probably be ignored since lt ls apparent that although ba is entitled to It, he has taken no steps to acquire lt.

gg It is rumored easing Guatemalan exiles thst ARBENZilllon dollars from tha USSR for us* la Mexico and Central inarioa for propaganda. Ths reported trip of AHBUZ into tha Soviet Bloo has raised tba hope* of tba Ouatamalsn Coanunist exilee. ARBSNZ is believed to be in touch with Cass .inlets in Mexico, Cuba, sad Central America. (CS-8lB2k)

COMMENTi fllnoa thia report la baaed en apparently widespread exile gossip, it la net considered sensitive. It oan ba usedeg on whioh to base more sensitive material oonoerning ARBENZ' later travels to tbe DSSR, possibly mentioning Lasaro PEXA, who is reported by ZMLUOK as ths bead International Ccnannlat liaison agent for the Caribbean area.

AM0VA, ARBKHZ1 brother-In-law, saidecent trip to Mexico that be doubts that ARBENZ' wife will permit hia to reborn to Mexico, since aha was responsible for their going to abrope la order to have him recover froa his mental depression. said that ARBBTZ had tried to eemmitumber ef times, that he haaeavy drinker, going on periodic, prolonged bouts of intoxication.



CtrfKKNTi Hot sensitive. This oan bo us ad with direct attribution to Antonio TILAN07A. Useful In portraying ARBENZ' worthies* character and reenforeing the oowardioe theies.

6 ARBENZ departed to Prague from

Conflraed by other sources and preea. Can be considered overt. Useful in pointing out ARBENZ' ties with tbe Soviet Bloc.

ai-lo de las Aaerlcas, Himal,tory in tbe Hsaburg Eoho,hich said that Cseeh refugees state that AJusaTlTia* been residing In Prague for eeveral weeks and plans to visit Mosoov and Budapest.

I CtWENTi Can be weedeg on which to beee stories ef ARBENZ1to tbe ussr and China.

RBENZ stated to Western Jour-naliste in Prague that he did not plan to return to Guatemala "unless the Oovernment Imposed by the Amerioan imperialists ls replacedew, really demooratio gnvernment." puis

COMMENT' s oan be usedeg on which to tie aocusatlons thst ARBENZ' only reason for returning to ths Western Hemisphere la toths present Guatemalan Government.

B ARBENZ was interviewed in fragua onovember

ew fork Tieee correspondent, loe family hopes te aovo soon froa

tba Esplanade Hoteleall houae. (sew Tort Times,eveaber)

CCJPSNTi This oaaaefal peg on which to mention some of DTLDCX's material concerning drunkannaso sad laaorallty.

ovember Tba newspapers La Maaana aod El Die of Montevideo oarriedL 'nspired articles stating that ARBENZ' travel to Prague outs the grouno from under the people who defended hia against char free of Communism. )


seme theme ls now being used



the Uruguayan praea. It continues to be the strongest argument against aRBHIZj since lt places him squarely in the Communist camp.

Parts aFP radio teletype onecember said that ARBENZ is at present in Prague directing Communist actlTitles ln hie osn country, according to the British Daily Mail. The paper's diplomatic editor sold he spolcs with ARBENZ by phone. ARBENZ has been living in Prague In luxury with hie wife snd children but is getting ready to leave for Moscow at the beginning The Guate-ialan press picked this up adding that the visit will take place in January at the invitation of bulganin. (GUAT EMB DEttP,ecember)

This is another convenient peg for the story ef ARBENZ1 travels.

ARBENZ mas interviewed in Prague prior to his departure to Moscow by Irving POTASH, CPtJSA and TinCANADA. BUCE was on his way to CPSU Congress. ARBENZ was reluctant to see POTASH as ba disliked AsMvticsns oven though thay are Commtei. POTASS wanted material for tbe Daily worker andFUSA pamphlet concerning U. S. monopoly exploitstlbn ln Ouateaal* and intervontion in its internal affairs. POTASH and ARBENZ agreed to meet in Moscow (where POTASH was to attendh Congress) for further dla cues ion. InTASH complained Inconversation to STLUCE in Prague that ho bad been unable to contact ARi'ENZ In Moscow. XNLDCE says if true, it probably waa due to the fact thetjjsrins^ttt, Moscow trip, ARBENZ was under wrape. (LNLDCg -

GVWOJaT. Thla Is particularly ssnsitlve Information. If arranger*ould be made far its release in the D.ttributed tc an FBI Informant, it night possibly be useful to strengthen the case against ARBENZinister Soviet agent) and possibly to get POTASH In trouble for talking tee much.

1 Tho ftatielava Slovak Home Service radio6 announced thatAntonin Zapotocky today reoslvedrivate sndienee former Ouatomalan President Colonel Jacobo ARBENZ Ouinan, aba is staying in tho Czechoslovak Republic, and hefcfrteadly discussion with hia,* PBZS

COHMfcDTi Because of its unclassified nature, this is most useful.

ARBENZ left Prsgue for Moscow In Hia children arcohool for foreign Coionunlstt Ivanovo, USSR. Thloell-kept secret. (INLOCK )

COMMENT. ARBENZ' USSR travol vaa covered in an article in the London pfiJy Hail Thle peg osn be used tc place bin ln the USSR at about tho correct time. Tbe failure of ARBENZ'daughters to emerge from the Soviet Bloo ln6 with the rest of tho family makes it possible to publicise tbat they are being educatedloc country, uoing speculation to place then in the USSR. No mention should be made of the specific school or its location.

while in Russia ARBENZ, according to GUERRA, spoke to ZTJZLOY and KokroNVO, Chief, t. A. Section InternationalPSU, snd to another Individual (shoes name IN LOCK failed to get) but believed bs is in charge of International Questions far tbe Central Committee, CPSU. ARRENZ recommended training Latin American students In the Soviet Union. (TNLTCB/T

COMMENT. This material is too specific for PP cos. It will be necessary to settleeneral statement of meetings vith high Soviet Government snd Party officials.

k The London Daily Kail ran an article stating that ARBENZ is on his may to Moscow for talks with MALENKOV snd other Soviet officials. ARBKHZ told friends that he ls determined to return to Ouatemala and to stage an East-West struggle there, por the pest week ARBENZ has been soon in tbe oompany of Russians^.

COMMENT 1 This no longer appears sensitive, snd osn be useful eitherandout to friendly services or for publication. It la particularly In that it confirms the INLDTK material en ARBENZ' travel and the Hail osn be used as the source of at least part of the material.

ARBENZ andally loft Prague for Kosoow on Tho children wore placed In school in Ivanovo. ARBENZ was to discuss his future course ef action with tbo Soviets, sad his departure froa Praguearefully guarded secret. Tho basic courses of action open to ABYSHZ ore either to take an ell out Communist position, or to re-establish himself in his old role ao ropreeentlve of tbe national bourgeoisie in colonial countries and to exploit this



position. Naturally the letter role would show hie to be sympathetic to tho USSR and Soviet Bloc. Source believes thet the letter will probably be the couree of action decided upon. )

CfMMENTi Thia oan be used as speculation without endangering the source.

february iyS6i ARBENZetter fron Jlfoooe MART INEZ in

February ly'So vie Parle through IN LUCK In Prague, saying that step* had been taken to give financial support to Leonardo (kayo) CASTILLO Floras

for clandestine anti-CASTILLO organisational work Inside Quateaala. MARTINEZ alsoetter to ARHSNZ froa OaSTILLO, asking that

ARBENZ reply. CASTLLO desires to re wive financial aid froa ARBENZ. CASTILLO neverPsaber butlose collaborator with the Party under ARBENZ. (INLUCE )

CfKHENfi Thl* corroborates^ aterial indieeting that ARBENZ has sent money to OASTILLO Floras ror nls ectlvttles. Both scuroee are sensitive, but generalised mention of funding from ARBKMZ for subversive activities In Ouatemala might bs useful for PP purposes.

9 igh goveraeent official la Guataaala says tbat according to Kauro Anlbal KEJTA,larm' of tba Ouateaalan CP Central Committee, ARBENZ maintains contact with the Ouateaalan exiles la Naxiso via diplomatic peuoh to tha Csseh Embassy la Hexloo City. Tha Csaoh Luboalr BLAZII, contacts tba Qnetsaslsn exiles dlraotly. (ES0KN>1)

COMMENT 1 Thl*ot particularly sensitive sad provides an excellent item since lt names names. It Is also an excellent peg on whioh to bang acre eeneltlve details. Care aust be taken In itso avoid havingdentify any of our PP assets.

gQ Karl* do ARBENZatter froa Moscow dated6 said tbet she end bar husband would leave for China about ths alddle of She said tbat their future pleas would be known la about three aontha. At thl* time consideration was being given te having ARBKHZ travel to India, Indonesia and North Africa for the purpose ofhimself up politically aad serving th* Soviets hy lxarplrlag national liberation movements. ARBENZ sad his wife night live outside the Soviet orbit. ARBENZ prefers Bgypt, bat hi* wife pre fere Italy. ARBENZ dislike* Fronoe. )

COKMENTi Sensitive. Rot particularly exploitable except ee background.


ARBENZ left Moscow for Chic*. (INTATCh^ >

here Is ijxiependsnt oorroboratlon of ARBENZ' travel to Chins, which oan probably be used to publicise the trip.

ovember lygoi Prior to bis recent trip to Peris, AHHKNZuifo traveled asoretly to the USSR and China. While there,various neabers of tbe Central Ooamlttee of tho CPSU sndofficials. While en his trip in China he aaa called backfor aa interview vith Khrushchev snd Bulganin but lt wastbe arrival of ARBENZ one to proaolag dutiea of Khrushchev Soviet leadera stressed secrecy regarding ARBENZ' trip. the vie* that the CSS* aaa "unstoppable" aad would eoco begiro help to tea Ouotonslsas. Subject centres China even aoreCSSR end feels It will rurpsas tbo USSR in Intamstl nasislso adodree the CP China for its Independence fron the CPSU andsince tbe CPSU lsft tba OP China te fight alon* daring itsof struggle, the latter Party gained rich experience whichocaaaisaion ef aany errors eonalttod frequently by tne USSR. tho oolution to tbo preblens of tho colonial oauntrleo la to beChina. ARBENZ found that there was an oh Interest regarding "theOustenaln* eaong Party/Oovsrnnsrit lsadars snd tho people, andthe Chinese leadera aald the aoaent would ooae aben they wouldwe." ARBENZ net MAO snd Chou en LAI, saong other loaders. rseosssonded to tbe Chinees tbat ARBENZ' trip bo kept seoret. ARBENZ baa been trying to return to Msxloc ot tea urging of thereturning froa China via Moscow to rrague, ARBENZ ocnsultedQXJESRA Borgeo woe was returning tc Mexico. Tsny decidedend his wife should g* to Francs, with tbo old of POTMexican polities! Isadora bla wife would get an interriev withC^FTMHAft after bar rwtura to Mexico, snd tbrcagh OABDENAflwith Pre* loan'. Ado Ifo RUIZ askingiss far ARBENZMexico. In the latter part ef November, Alfredo ODBWAIn NsJdso thst ARBENZ ban to gat out of fcurope os soon ssof sis poor want al snd physical health. In Paris, fownwtroubled by tba Soviet action in Hungary. Sabjootwaariendly French "polio* officer thai one of tb* several"tho onebad ARBENZ under

surveillance. (WlOosX yi9 J

CONMENTi Whils sensitive, atuoh of this material is highly ussful for PP operationsisguised fashion*

yjUjHl" CARNERO Checa, while touring Chine after attending the International Conference of Journalista in Helsinki, Finland net and held long discussions with AHBEMZ, who eae apparently also in Chinahinese Ccverna^nt-eponsored visit. Source aaa given this Infoneatlnneeting at which there were also present Augwsto OHaRNAIID ^Donald snd Alfonso SOJ/iRZAHC. CAR1DR0 left Neziooune and returned Iron China onagust (LICKKRRT^ Sl)

COKMOTTi This helps fix the tine of -RBKHZ' travels in China and aakee possible the use of almost any material on ARBEBZ' trip there, regardless of source, since it is obvious that neither CRARXATO er SObg were bound by ^CT security and probably mentioned the trip to other Guatemalan exiles.

During ths oeuree of CARHKRD'o visit to China, he set the ARRBRZ at tha Hotel Peking in Peiplng where thayuits, Thay ware travailing under the paeudonym of Jaoobo and Harla CASTRO. aRRKSZ had anand. chauffeur at his disposal snd was always aseoasanied by two Cnineae Military Aides. AHBEMZ Invitedo alno, and asked for information conoernlng the situation of tbe Guatemalan exiles In Mexico. ARBEMZ gave the impression that he wanted oo publicity concerning the trip and that he had been instructed to return to politic si ectivltlee by the Communists. (UCBEBJff^ S)

COMMFJTi Ths sane eosaasnts apply ts for the report above.

une lg$6i Tha PGT ls anxious te have ARBZHZ return to Mexico aa soon as posslhls since it fears loslBg ths leadership of too Qaatoiialan opposition in Hexioo to to* FARC sad Its leaderRHAUD KacEoaald. The POT waa also concerned about tha rssurgsaos) of ths followers of ARKVALO, but as of the date of the raport waa losing this fear. )

GOWKEHTi Osefal In exacerbating ths division between the Cowaunists sad aoo-Coaaaaiat Ouatemelen exdlee.

r ffi6' rench visa ia Prague on Zo (PARIS 8MB DRSP so.

oowuthTi Useful in fixing the approxlmato time sad route of ARBEHZ1 return from Chine end ths USSR.


orelrne oo info met ion

thstto com to Mexico. If he appliesboKill be rejVrrod to neidooa ore is* Office. ete tmUgrm 7h0 from Mexico city,

hot oeeful. i appear* tooot loe deaiel that tUBEMise toe lined to avoid criticise for refusing to iseue tbe vies.


26 returned tofroa hrusaela. Probably boerdedet

losvlne; the

onesa tbs Soviet alee


tb* story ofcviet eehool. It Bight

also be poaalble to inctleata that tea girls areald ss hoeteeae' eeeAlaneel are Soviet aiasait.

gft Ootober rare Ira Of fie* lafaraed a* thia aoralag tbat aJUWTC, abo has baan In aria since S6 Oetabar, hasaaalj quiet and not sssnsrlng In political activities. Ha Is currently raeidin* at Hotel Vermont, rea Sols da Boaletjaa, Parts. elfe departing for Mexico eaal aooroe oonsidere bar acre rtasasrsM than tSBtSt hlaself. (state0 froa)

CCIMKaTi Ceefal es ssri>ni*ieil only.

0 BoveaeerPBOT' wife, Nsrla Crist ice fil*aav* da xJuaTJP. aadsasT** * rt* n* far Fl Salvador.

OCrKhaTi Thl* la C ^lnfbrmaUea, bat not sensitive, saving confirmed by other soorcee. It oan be

li.vlfa arrived la Bl ^alveaat-m baa fraqeeat taataaalan exile visitor*. jKJaxloa-l

COMMENT. This Inensitive) source. Numerous other report" have since been received stating that Marls de ARBENZ frequently confers with Guatemalan exiles. This ls useful to point oat the conspiratorialshe is clurrying on ln his behalf.

November -continues bis close association with

Jose Manuel FORTQNT. arbenz gats drunk end his conduct is poor. The difficult relationship vith hie wife, her infidelities, the possibility of sn increase ln these problems, and hit being alone ln Parisa situation hehopeless life"cause bis. to drink to excess, alone or In company. ARBENZ has alwsyseurotic. His desperation causes him to Main locked ln bis room for days oa and at tbe Hotel Vermont, Rue de Bole, Paris, baring food sent to ths room, not speaking to anyone, with tbe windows closed snd the lights turned off day and night. He spends his tlaa la absolute depresalcn, violent Irritation, and crying spoils. Physically arbenz la exhausted snd looks eld. Hia character makes bla nore Impulsive and violent. Se seems toaa without strength, without the desire to live, or at least one vho wants to livefu31y_ without ^ghtlna> ARBENZertain reluct anoe" to continue an intensive political Ufa. He gives tbe Impression that he wants to return to Mexico only because of his committments to the Cosuminiote. )

comment r This reportood sketch of ARBENS' character as well as of his activities inside ths Soviet Hoc countries. An report of6 states thst ARBENZ remained In bla room and received no visitors from Saturday eveningovember te Monday afternoon. This confirms bis brooding. opy ofased1 is attached Much of this material is useable because it baa been ocnfirnedumber of sources, indicating it to be widespread knowledge in sails eirelee. Also attached (No. u)opy ot hich contains XHLOCi's story eeaoerning the ARBENZ' personal life. Except for minor detail, it follows the pattern described ir C ' telnj O, such as tha runors of Maria da ARBENZ' amorous liaisons with RUTUHT end Mario SUVA Jonama are useful. The story of her demandsivorce and his subsequent attempted suicide oan also probably be used.

Hi ARBENZ has requested that the latest Communist newspapers be delivered to him by the personnel in9

CCtOfiTNT. Nolle this ls froa^report, there is little re aeon why information like this cannot be usee.


Wart*BEKZ returned to El Salvador with ber son so that she could renew herort, she le ooooemed about gettingpaeoport for her eon because ebe does not know how she canertified copy of his Ouetemelan birth registration. KSPERABCE, Cuateaela

CCHMEHTi This lsensitive source. The information oan beas ber cover story, implying that her real activities are much more sinister.

22 ARBKHZ wrote rrancleco MOHAZAH and Jose HanoalCarlos EtUCAKOHTE asking their help in his return to the Inecember between JOHTUW and

OuaBRA Berrea, IRLDCK gather^ *aneoi. personal sitnation as more and more desperate. (XXLOCK UfQ 3

CCmEkTl Benaltlve sod not partloularly useful except thst lt oeaflrwa Other information concerning ARBKHZ' state of Bind.

ARBEHZ was arrested for drunkenness by ths French policehristmas Evaecember 3

CCWffiaTt This information was also carried in tho proas and osa be used to portray hieegreoad individual.

t oeutral sources reported pero ls test ronore that ARBKHZ was consideringfolng to Costa Plea, that tbe Costa Risen Governaant grantednd that he mad conferred with fODDERES during tho6 trip to Europe. All were denied by the Costa Risen Gevernaaat.

TOMHESTi Moot of this has appeared In the press. It oan however be used to shea how that great 'liberal'1 country Coeta Rloa, whioh has respected ths tradition of political asrlaa svaa to tbo extentsnclnr itself, has refused to permit ABfSRHZ' entry, knowing tbat ho Isegitimate political ssylea,oviet agent.

Bt 1 Tho POT's next step in the oampaign to return ARBEHZ to Mexico willroblem for DTO leaders who will bs expected to eaapalgn oa ARBKHZ* behalf with Influential Hexlean pontic lane. As Certain members of the OPO are opposed to ARBEHZ' return, IHLOOK expects that the party will not easily succeed in this venture. OulUenao TORIBHO fear* that_his return will eclipse hia politically, (DfLPCE -f*

CXKME8T1 Opposition of nccM>xsauniat Guatemalan exiles to ARBEHZ* return le widely known and can be most effective propaganda!

mm wtmm control

"REDCKeeting between Alfredo GUBRHA Sorrcs and

soviet Aabcasador In Mexico on7 concerned AEBEbZ. INLUCK

thinks Soviets have en interest in ARBENZ' entry into Mexico. There is

no proof, however. The CPGT leaders ar* te east onanuary

to discuss the Mexican politioal contacts each one basj and uno nay assist

ARBENZ In ooraing to Mexico. (IWWCK )

COMMENT. The fact that liaison between the Soviet fmbessy and GUERRA norges exists is probablytoimited nunber of senior POT officials, fe caneneral elain on this, butet of punch unless we can specifically name GUERRA as tbe contact. on't believe this item can be used without seriously risking the source.

Maria de ARBENZ wrote to her husband from San Salvador ofimmoiffilng on bis depression snd en tbe relief she felt at receiving ws^froo^thalr daughter* (studying in the USSR).

OCrtHSSTi This is useful since It oan be attributed to coanente by Maria de ARBKHZ to friends in El Salvador In which she expresses eeneern about her husband's state of depression and the well being of her daughters who are studying In tho USSR.

eeting of the UPG with representatives of the PARS, PPT, frTfl) and UfCQ present was held to discuss arrangements for bringing ARBCTZ and ARTYALO to Mexico. Augusto CASAU Avila later stated tbateald dominate the UPO with ARBBZ1 return. (DfUJCK)

CgHhWWi Sines thisPO a* at Ing, lt esa bo .published without dangor to the source. It Is useful in pointing upre-JQT bias and the division between the "OT and non^omronlste.

li. soting of the UPO Directive CouneU onletter dated ih7 from subject. In Parts, was read in which ARBENZ thanked UPO far its support snd Indicated that he hoped to return to Mexico scon to continue the fight at the side of ths OTo. 3)

COMMERTi The feet that ARBKflZ has accepted the UPC invitation tc return to Mexico is widely known among the Guatemalan exiles and oan be used without fear of compromising souroos.

i IWLUCK report* thai ARBEHZ haa replied enthusiasticallynvitation to return to Mexico. Dtr 5

ARBKHZ In Paris hasetter froa containing an official resolution reverting tbat ARBBHZ snd Juan Jose AREVALO, foraer freei-dont of Ouatemele, also go to Mexico tonited aot ion in opposition to tbe CASTILLO government. ORG ie makina every effort to obtain pet> nlfinion for ARBMZ to enter Mexico. jbt&O ebruary

Augueto CHARNAUTJ Hao Donald, upon receipt of Juan Jooe ARgTALO's latter ssying be could not ooaa to Mexico because of "personalLoeadlately wanted to havoasclva to oosaaatrsta efforts to bring ARHSBZ to Mexico. This resolution aaa vlaoroualy opposed as eoaa swashers ofo notarbshz bars without AHETALO, es ARBKHZ la ksoaaoagele tool. (mOM a (IS

CtwCKHTi Sines these astters ware taken up ln tbe UPC, tbey oan be considered widely known snong tbe Ouatesaalan exilss, snd available for


Harch Alfredo OUERRA norges wrote to ARKHZ ln ParisLetter's plan to novo to Uruguay. as sitae tbe eAraategeIt is In Aaarioajoviet dlnl nestle est*bliabment|grant travel dseusybnts when neoseearyi and Kaneulhas worked with the POTood position there,

COMKEnTi This ls too recant and sensitive for specific use. Bowevor, srtleles can bo planted charging that ths POT haa ordered ARBSHZ to Uruguay for anyombination of tha shove reasons. ery recent article appeared in tho past weak in La Hora of Cnateaala City citing thee* *ane factors.

ARBKHZ is planning to go to

CGKHEaTl How ovsrt.

b"ife wrote bla from El Salvador expressing oooaern

that she has had no information fron bar daughter* in two months. There ls sons cross play ln the letter indicating that they are accusing each other of lacking tanderneeo ln their letters. She ot-tco that thay ere

no longer In tbe Borneo and Juliet phase. She comment* that hie concern over the tens of her letter* aer be da* tc tbe state of bis nerrec.

CCttrarrt while eenoltlve in iteslf* this saterial suggests esvsrsl us.ful tbseaw that sen be hit. Piret, the tve ABBENZ daughters are in tbe OSSB

2 ZOZ * knowledgeConnies, es evidenced byand is not parti-

eolarlr sensitive. Secondly, nsny etna- reports, Clndln* DOSCX

shos tbat Haria ds ARBENZ and bnr husbandtorepr

sau-iiel life. Abe has been poriodlcally orufslthful, and ha in torn is

early and abusive. Par departure for El Evador can be prctreyed as ths

flightireano longsr stand.

pril Oastsanlan CcsssanlBt AlfredokL Eorges wrote to ABBSNZ inPsr^at-cut, saying thst Cuillerne TOKIEUO supports arfctz" return to Mexico. ODESSA suggests tbat ARBENZ' talk with th* Soviet Enbassy in Paris.


IV April logy. Thisetter fron on unidentified Individual in ansnes Aires to ARBENXtbat the writer has ssked an iirportant friend tcaotlvata thingserideo so that ln asay.ordarulrint^

tbatba badetter froa tba anaber ens asm in tba Brugosyen

ecision taken at the

highest national level was fevcruble to

sterlal, snd doe* not seem particularly useful frm the PP sisndpoint. xrd^Uigeoee-wia* it woald saen to laalsat* tbat Luis BAT LIE Berres aay be tha person woe srrsaged ARBENZ' entry.

wctossday, Sh April, the brother of ARBENZ0 forCASTILLO Plans* activities.


GOKHlSTi There is no informationrother of ARBENZ. Not particularly useful since tho source nay be identified.

ARKNZ haa had continuing contact with Alfredo QUERRA Borges through correepondenca and courlore and through the Cseoh diplomatic pouch. During tbe time ahBENZ waa ln Hosoow beginning In6 hie nail was forwarded to fin ln Moscow by wayceiwlovsal*.

CCWMFNTi Sensitive In part, but enough Information fron various sources Is available so that OOERRA corgee and iCRTDRT can be named as ARBEB7.'

oontacts in tho POT, without risking DJJJBK.

Original document.

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