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about Chancellor Adnncucr'a retirement havedown ainco tho clecticn caapalcu got under way. Tha CDUrealizoo that the Chancoller haa no intention oi? simply etoppinjj

dour, after thu oloctlon and bellovos that ho vill continue an native chancellor until ho ia oithftr incapacitated or dies, t

nforBtd CX leaders, thoopinion is thatwill not select any of the eligible candidatea forto be played upototo prloco" aod built up lneye. With this policy they ero in aurrouient, since ttaynomination of one person can moke only him happy and all tho rest

" unhsprvy and would.beo the present oloue party harmony. The CDU leadership aloo cltoa tho example of Winston Churchill and Anthony Edor.ase for avoiding the same stop ln West Germany. Thay believe that as long as the CDUajority aad forma

"J the cow government, the1 not he too such ueakeaed if no .

ouccaasor is chosea,eriod of intranarty politico andlauat follou iu case of the Chancellor's removal will result inlamingandidate acceptable to the

*' ir

tho candldatoii for tha future chancellorship, mory CDU Isadorafollowing orOor of strength as nost likely:

a* Eugoa Cor steadier. He has gaiaod in popularity during the peat few months through his cxoollont debate on tho atomic, ioouo in the Bundestag, hla keynote speech at thoparty convention ln Haoburc, _is many excellent campaign speeches. In add-on, aa leader, of the CDU luf> wing, ho haa' won comJdorable support eaion^ Catholic cdu ttXoaenta, who take the liberal vlow tint It' would perhapu be

better to hrro the next ehaaoollor Protestant instead ofio,

Heinrich von Brontono, Ho hcs had excellent opportunities to reach tlw gonoral publio through his actlvitias as Foreign Wniotor. The Choncellor's failure to designate Ida asprince" bae hurt hln considerably, since many poraona intorpreted tho aituation aa Indicating that Brentano did not havo the capability for the high office. :.

Ludwig Krhaxd. His chenoos remain approxijMtely the eaao andremain as long as tho Usat Gorman economy la sound. Behowever, not to oonaaud sufficient support for

Prans Joeef Strauss, ft haared hot" politicalcontroversial but recognised by alloroon of great oapaaitylUlngMM to toko political chouoes wuon oth'iro hold baox. Jud^ut oo bin will depend on hln ooccmplieh-aento, or lnolc ofear or two in tho Dofooso Ministry*Ills ehonacs are good aid are expaeted to continue'ao.

Karl Arnold. He hue mode aono gains in rocent months by Booking nov alliances within tho CDU/tSU political structure aod by movingosition left of center to center within ths party,,

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