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memorandum for tee president

SU3JECT: Progress Report go the Implementation of Recorraendatlonthe Report to the President by tho President's Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities

President, after consideration of agency commentsdirected action as indicated below, on the followingthe President's Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities

Beccanr.endatloo: "With regard to the integration of theCommunity, we are convincedtrong centralized direction, under whichojirces of _tbe.e brought closer together, would do much to streagtnen our national intelligeace effort and to contain its cost. We thereforethat action be taken toward this end, both through the national Security Council and the Director of Central Intelligence."

and refer to the Director of Central

Intelligence for action In consultation with the Secretary of Defense and member agencies of the Intelligence Advisory Committee."

In approving the above action the President has directedrogress report on the implementation thereof be submitted to him by Way

President's Board of Consultants indicated thatin the structure of our national intelligence organizationrequired and that progress toward the objective of thebe effected without change ln present statute orin order to progress toward the attainment of thethis recommendation, no measures have been considered whichlegislation to charge the Director of Central Intelligencerather than coordinating responsibilities in theas at present.

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3- The Central Intelligence Agency has carefully reviewed the National Security Council Intelligence Directivesiew to making re come odet ions to bring then up-to-date and eliminate weaknessesby the years of Community operations and understanding. the Director of Central Intelligence has recommended revision of Rational Security Council Intelligence Directivehich will:

Delineate more closely the statutory responsibilities placed upon the Director of Central Intelligence with respect to the Hatioaal Security Council and the national intelligence effort and upon the Central Intelligence Agency as the organization headed by the Director of Central Intelligence;

Simplify certain definitions for purposes of accuracy aad to conform to practices developed by experience;

Extend to other departments and agencies the prohibitions heretofore placed only on the Director of Central Intelligence against "duplicating activities and research of the variousend agencies" and requiring that all such "make full use as far as practicable of existing facilities of other members of the Intelligence Community" to ensure prior coordination la the interest of econoiy and efficiency.

ft. With regard to coordinating responsibilities aad functionsthe production of national intelligence, the organization of the Agencyuitable mechanism Id the Office of National Estimates and the Board of National Estimates for effecting the staff work and resolving many problems prior to action by the Intelligence Advisory Committee and this mechanise: affords leadership in this field among the working levels of the IAC community. In the field of clandestine col-ection abroad. Director of Central Intelligence Directiveasuitable mechanism for coordinating the agreed collection ctivities of the Armed Forces with those of the Central Intelligence Agency. This mechanism is developingatisfactory coordinating Implement.

5- With regard to the nonsubstantive aspects of intelligence, particularly collection activities, development of materiel andin support of collection and in research of possible intelligence application, there has been no mechanism ccapareble to the Office of National Estimates and the Board of national Estimates for providing the staff support and guidance essential. The Central Intelligence Agency proposes to effect necessary changes in Its own Internal structure and with cooperation of other IAC agencies toechanism which



.-A3 reytew_the.Intelligence Community end make recommendations to the Intelligence Advisory Committee snd the National Security Council as necessary for reallocating our concentrated resources to fulfill our Intelligence requirements ln the most effective and economical manner.

6. Internal changes in the Agency will involve designationcputy Director for_Coordination and the adjustment of some staff and clerical positions- This Deputy will be charged with responsibility .'or conducting study and review of possibilities for increasingreducing duplication, and improving coordination among elements of the Central Intelligence Agency and in consultation withof the IAC agencies for Improving coordination within the national Intelligence effort. Appropriate reconaeodations can be brought to the Intelligence Advisory Committee and the National Security Council as required.

ore effective collaboration within thein the production of current intelligence relating tosecurity, the Director of Central Intelligence, afterthe Intelligence Advisory Committee, is instituting systematicprocedures over and above the usual exchanges of viewsin this field. Theseeansviews on the selection and treatment of current Intelligence

MCI are reflected in CIA's current intelligence production.

evision of the Notional Security Council Intel-

ver.ce Directives to place departmental'.Igrg* intelligencerisibilitiesroper focus, the establishment within the Intel-

mce Communityechanism for coordination of nonsubstantivetcts of intelligence such aa now exists for the analytical,l substantive aspects, aad some salification of procedures, can do

correct deficiencies which the President's Board has noted in respect if all departments and agencies give the effort their full

unqualified support.

?. The substance of this report in draft has been discussedfftntentative of the Secretary of Defense,roposed revisionl Security Council Intelligencehichhe carrying out of this recommendationsented to theAdvisory Coxmittet for conslderat



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