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central- intelligence agency

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SUBJECT: Report to the Preeldent on Reccnnradatlon go. 10

of the Preeldant'e Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities

1. The Henoranduc, Executive Office of the President,


"The President, after consideration of agency coaraeots thereon, baa directed action aa indicated belov, of the folloving recommendation of the President's Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities:

orvTMiTdfttlor.: 'To relieve the Director of Centralof the many management reepoosibllitlee he Is presently called upon to discharge as Bead of the Central Intelligence Agency, we suggest that he be providedhief of Staff or Executive Director who would act aa bis "Executive Vice President." This assistance would thereby enable him to direct his efforts more toward the Integration, reduction ofand coordination that is necessary within the national Intelligence effort.'

to the Director of Central Intelligence

for recoanendatlon to the President aa to the best method of accompli ah ing the purpose of this recommendation.

"In approving the above action, the President baa directedeport be submitted to him as soon aa practicable end prior to taking final action thereon."

2. The purpoae to be accomplished by tha reccaraendatlon of the Board of Consultants that tha DCC be providedhief of Staff orice President ia to Increase Integration, reduce duplication, and Improve//.



ooordln.tlon *ltbin th. national lirtelllaanee effort. at* gli tha most careful ocnslastratlon to this mcctssandatlon during tba weeks la which tha Agency haa bean atodylngml.tlorn of tha President's Board of Cooaultanta and preparing responses to than. Tha President's attention la Invited to some important factors bearing upon thlallation and the at tatof the objective.

3. Delegation of Internal management function, which the DCI Is called upon to dleeharg* In hi. capacity aa chief of the CentralAgency vould not permit him to direct materially greater effort in person toward thl. end for .everal reasons:

Tbe Agencyrganized ln three areas of well-defined re.poaalbillty eacheputy Director. Management functions are delegated to the Deputy Directors excepthich cannot be delegated by law, or which for reason, of morale, welfare, and operational efficiency require the personal attention of the Director or of the DDCX.

The Deputy Director, have immediate access to the DCI and DDCI at all time, on all natters within their areas ofor affecting the Agencyhole. Each Deputy Director has Immediate accea. to the other, and to tbelr .ub-ordloates, and all subordinate offices within the Agency have free access to all others on all matters of common concern.

In addition, the DCI holds staff meetings threeeek when present. These meetings are attended by the Deputy Directors, the Inspector General, and certain other principal aa.latants. These meetings keep the DCI and DDCI informed onof commonnd permit immediate decleiona on problem, presented for consideration or coordination.

To in.ert another bureaucratic echelon Into thestructure between the DCI and DDCI and the principal operational Deputies wouldery considerable change

in Internal organization and staff procedure, within thewould caoae delay and increase administrative work andeffectiveness without Improving coordination amongwithout reducing management responsibilities which wouldof the DCI ln any

(ej In addition, there are of necessity operation, of specially sensitive or personal nature which require the personal attention of the DCI and DDCI and which no one else can perform.

ot aatatny


*. Ban are. certaind. th* Managementth* bMl Of tha Ol, vhleh racuir* tha paraoaal attention ofor DDCZ which cannot hand whicheryof time and affort. Theme function* and responaibilltl**of tha IAC andCB affalra; briefing thethe BBC; oooferaooae with government offlelala and clrilpolicy and operational matter* affecting tha Agency and thewith foreign offlelalaMralvera of ccngrram and the

certain official entertaining, and the like.

5- Area* in the national Intelligence effort lo which Integration within the Agency and within other elements of the intelligence community can reduce duplication and Improve coordination with benefit to the national intelligence effort appear to be:

(a) Kaplanage and counterintelligence andactivities" '

(c) planning for intelligence activities in time of war, including CIA support under War Plans approved by the JOS.

Communicatlone intelligence elatiooahips and


(f) Clandestine operations requiring support of military and other departments and agencies.

(fi) Certain clandestine operations undertaken in consonance with20 d, involving military departments and other agencies.

(h) Booeubstentlve aspects of Intelligence, particularly collection activities, development of material endin support of collection, and in research of possible intelligence application.

6. In order to accomplish the purpose of tbe Board's recommendation It la obviously necessary that the problemcreaslng integration, reducing duplication and improving coordination receive more attention and effective effort than baa been applied in all of these areas of the national intelligence effort. Bowever, in my opinion, the designation


9 h'p.

ofChief of Staff or Executive Tie* rreel&ent to relieve mm at mmrea^ceisibllitle* vould not eccomplieh Um purpose vkdea tha Board hae In mind, taring Into account tha rarloua organisational, operational and other factors in vol red- elieve that tbe aoet practl ovale and effective var to attain thla objective voold be:

leave the primary operational and managementaa they are assigned at the present tlae in threeeacheputy Director. Inroposean executive officer who will be reaponalble forstaff actions.

eputy Director for Coordinationa mini mim of management responalbllities within the

Agency, and to provide hla with the necessary asalstance; to charge this Deputy for Coordination with responsibility for continuous study and reviev of possibilities for increasing Integration, reducing duplication, and Improving coordination within the national Intelligence effort in consultation with representatlven of other intelligence agencies. ropose to designateruaeott,etired, for this office.

7* elieve that measures along tbe llnea indicated vould beeffective means for accomplishing the pufpoaWrecommendationthe President's Board of Consultants.


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