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H3JKT: Report on th*f

f th* Report to th* President by th* President's Board of Consultant* on Foreign Intelligence Aetlvltie*

he President, after consideration of agency coaaatnta thereon, haa directed action aa indicated below, on tbe following re^nanenrtation of tbe Preeident'a Board of Conaultanta on Foreign Intelligence Activities:

Becunnejidatlon: "With regard to the integration of thaCommunity, we are conTlncadtrong centralitad direction, under which the resources cf the ynrTous elements^ brought closer together, would do auch to strengthen our national intelligence effort and to contain its coat. He therefor*that action b* taken toward this end, both through the national Security Council and the Director of Central Intelligence."

and refer to the Director of Central

Intelligence for action ln consultation with tbe Secretary of Defense and member agencies Of the Intelligence Advisory Committee.*

In approving the above action the President baa directedrogress report oo the implementation thereof b* submitted to hla by May *

2. The President's Board of Conaultants Indicated that drastic changes in tbe structure of our national intelligence organisation are not required and that progress toward tne objective of th*can be effected without change in preaent statute or organization. Therefore, ln order to progress toward tbe attainment of tbe objective of this recommendation, no measures hav* been considered which would require legislation to charge the Director of Central Intelligence with executive rather than coordinating responsibilities ln the Intelligence Community as at present.


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3- Tho Control Intelligence Agency has carefully reviewed the National Security Council Intelligence Directivesiew to making rafreanerwlotlona to bring then up-to-date and eliodnate veaknesoeo dio-clooad by the yearo of Conmunlty operations and underetending. the Director of Central Intelligence baa recoanended revloion of National Security Council Intelligence Directivehich will:

Delineate more closely the statutory responsibilities placed upon the Director of Central Intelligence with respect to the National Security Council and the national intelligence effort and upon the Central Intelligence Agency as the organ!ration headed by the Director of Central Intelligence;

Simplify certain definitions Tor purposes of accuracy and to conform to practices developed by experience;

Extend to other departments and agencies the prohibitions heretofore placed only on the Director of Central Intelligence against "duplicating activities and research of the variousand agencies" and requiring that all such "make full use aa far as practicable of existing facilities ofmembers of the Intelligence Community" to ensure prior coordination in the interest of economy end efficiency.

U. With regard to coordinating responsibilities and functionsthe production of national intelligence, the organ!xatlon of the Agencyuitable mechanism ln the Office of National Estimates and the Board of National Estimates for effecting the staff work and resolving many problems prior to action by the Intelligence Advisory Committee and this necbanism affords leederaMp ln this fieldtho working levels of tbe LAC community. In the field of clandestineabroad. Director of Central Intelligence Directiveasuitable mechanism for coordinating the agreed collection activities of the Armed Eoreee with those of the Central Intelligence gency. This mechanism is developingatisfactory coordinating '

5- With regard to tha nonsubstantive aspects of intolligenoe, particularly collection activities, development ofand eouip-ment in support of -collection and in reaaarch of possible Inteliigaoco application, there has boon no mechanism comparable to tho Office ofEstimates end too Board of National Evtlamtoo for pre^ialm*-too staff sepport and guidance oaoonUal. tho Central Till sill gssm to effectbit mhsmgas Im ito with I'lrnmj autism mxtAC agonciao to

the Tjroflllwaoei Advisory Ccaantte* ana tha eetlonel gauailty

for reallocating oar eonceotreted moirsM to fulfill omr lnteUl**ome recrements ln too mt effectiva and

changes In tho Agency will lnTolTe daeignatlooeputy Director for_ Coordination and the adjustment of aomn staff anal clerloal poaTtfoua. this Deputy will be charged with responalblllty for conducting study and review of possibilities for inereaaingreducing duplication, and Improving coordination anomg elementa of the Cantral Intalligance Agency and in consultation withof the 1AC agencies for improving coordination within tha national intelligence effort. appropriata recommendatlona can be brought to the Intelligence Advisory Committee and the National Security Council aa required.

7- Toore effective collaboration within the Intelligence Community in the production of current Intelligence relating to the national security, the Director of Central Intelligence, after dlacussloos with the Intelligence Advisory Committee, is Instituting systematicprocedures over and above the usual exchanges of views and Information in this field. These procedures willeans whereby departmental views on the selection end treatment of current intelligence items are reflected in CIA's current Intelligence production.

8. Inevision of the National Security CouncilDirectives to place departmental and "atlonfl.1 intelligence responsibilitiesroper focus, the establishment within theCommunityechanlan for coordination of nonsubstantive aspects of intelligence such aa now exists for the analytical, eatlmatlve, and substantive aspects, and some simplification of procedures, can do auch to correct deficiencies which the President's Board has noted in this respect if oil departments and agencies give the effort their full and unqualified support.


9- The substance of this report ln draft haa been discussedepresentative of tbe Secretary of Defenee,roposed revision of National Security Council Intelligencehich willtbe carrying out of this recommendation hasented to the Intelligence Advisory Committee for coneideral

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