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KOTbi The fullstopa end other sign* in peranthaies ere put by bht translator. The outlwr doe* use euoh sign* vers rwely. Therefore, tne feme of thia wrltloi, In caa* that h* hatnought of thaae algns on different places, night b* The words Inera also frcn th*t IBc afar*re Indicated ty.

(After) iOQ rears off Russia the Sous* ea* aoaanoe't eould not hold on on theaa throvn by th*ll the fsaUly -as shot (and) this because thay dandled^lte cotanuklilaaalladhey received salary aMavwir.jod cceoaunlst Ulln (p> Ka- . .and!(should hav. Men) ahot or ban-ations perlsheS becaos* of tuoh error and still erahind. Th* r er- Lay nhlehIt tb* Turh which .trotelU ponlaheeev sf^laeotae-rant word. J, tat yeara. loaml Pasha sail to^feneral 1

(sle) PdJO: AN7UR (i) danger la threetanlni froa the Russianj Diets to all the world. China turnedhat how tnVeiro*nable(?S' Duringears fled Bosniand rave nay kind f halp to rati* (China*nd suooeded whems theworld left Vsie/o th* aercy ofnd aov thara lt nothiod toblaa if frightful not only forad) aatarle* fee* nlso for BadBalln aald (shot) va work and have succets with uncultured and poorhoa China, India and tbe Orient will bo ours (than) la oar haoda -ill he (also) Burope and faaj aaorlca. ,

Tba case or Sues Channel should bavs been creaDad withand annihilation of th* Bolsheviks In thautIn contrary with exultation or Kchruehoheeven(or

<In> ihe oaae or Huntary th* Cuonunlata shed blood for nearly tvorushed chlldrnc aad voaen altbrushed andifuncnrian Inhebltante.(Slc) IAZI ECDTA and hla collaboratorsncoherent partOvher* word of Duielen hanoraen destroyed then Infha cooatriee which ao (iataasely) watched after Tbe rod haocaea don'i conalderork

p quiet.

old to everybody ir. tba Orient that tha thay nuet b*aid to /ale/ HUBwill happen laaaaann.l, I) ir. ved to (ale) SITSansanadot yet finished. What saved lint tljiaaln (followsear; of thewere not ycuiford)could not uv* 'shit) bellicosity (helped bM^jbu timber* Is it HIbin and after finishing LebanonIn rev to ba taken by tha Bolsheviks and no amy will aavala no rescue whan thebut the Wast does not

understand this. /

tttt* hbiaii nans-Jordan laf" finis health* seQuengs will to to

Iraq, burl Said la Th; only sata In Orient wholnat tbe

patorsbut ite lata alreadyd) ho and hi* aray will

do (achieve:he expansion of the Bepnblie or Sasser *ndill novo toraad farther.


Thli li haw Uk* the Bolahealkf'l haveo (ijnd tnoui'ht fhtxt. ed, ifcould ba would eruibam tha worldh- car-'t doa know* vail that he haa ata-oog e. wcho-SioraUa.lual-

ll tbeae(* Bun Ianut Uta* (thaaa atataa) war*adf to hp uaftc ha* dasU-oya thanStalin haa aaid (it whoever vlll b*aerlca'lB th* 3rd* will - tall th*elhf. dlccedi,t leak* at thia oold-UooOadlrtfaaaaa theon't fiveny opportunityia by) cold warb** questionQ*lly llvadeer* la Otleonn Lebanon, Syria, Misn what had to happen whan th* Srriene fortified the bordafrepared veluntaera for tba revolution la Lebanon tvarybodya InuaeUjt offloara whoith) CfSyria and laypt art lo hands or theOColt*rayrlana tadlao aoat of th* Bpatuiiitlon Itroar. ordara cf tenruaho-ae


aaaarekjold aiplatned aftw lavaatlaatlonftby)that) there are no flthtlat foralcnera in Lahaaon^fc truap Cop Kchruahchar aod Kmeriy; cvah Ifa oot;,)

(tbla) ahould nM tan^Utnaeeutionarfd, know* whatcatlonaUIt la a

blcotruj*"urely will5 (llleajlble word)IVurrandar to redthia la tn error ami Lebanon will pariah.

Iaoa* pairsfsnlllar vlth their pi Wsent nethodad) Lebanon waa all ways opaa to mV ho)f Iret countriesoil nto tha tends of tha rad hancnen. ) livingo*ntly coat* froaonaent to aof oouraa leavlnf nj familynd to help atalaat toes tarrorlati ond blood-sjciers Xearjshchsv and yfesser. ropose following conditions to tho Labaaoat if thay ilka to bo freed of thai*an do thiao JOhey (the rada) will* bo cleaned oat fron Lebanonxd poaalbly olao froa Syria.or this th* couontannt of th* President of th* Bopubllfaai aad cf th* Comander of tho lobsnoneneraliABOXceaaaryK) If LebanonBtMCl than Ubanoa la lost for th*f, In Lobenon an place Of Cbaaoiaiale/ SatU ujan one eon Uflnt that it la possible to save, but thoillurn and willdlaclpllne la naressary'.> eople eolni frca har* and one froal) will all Lebanon frca the btndlta. ur projraa willlacuaaedtie/ SH, th* President of th* noptblle;.) Flo* days after our arrival th* right* will aUrt, dowavar tn* amy auatitequipped

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