Created: 6/27/1958

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KErDRAHDUMeputy Director,Case

1. We hare no lnf creation indicating that the British inland to approach the Agency or. Governaantettlement of tneclaiaa arising out of the sinking of the Springfjord during

In addition to the information contained in recent cablesn) con-oermngaipviTTn tho lawyer Rafael VkhUi io negotiate aof the oase and his expulsion from Ouatemala, certain othor factors indicate that tho British are vary Interested inettlement of the claim at this time.

Guatemala City Embassy Despatch, dated8 reports on the Intentions of Mr.ennisritishresident in Guatemala, and agent for the Oeneral Accident Fire

and Life Aaaaranee Corporation,f London, to approach the Guatemalan Government as representative of tha underwriters of the Springfjord to obtain settlement of the claim. It appears that Mr. VAILS* activities may have bean related to the unofficial efforts mentioned by Mr. DOWNING.

li. The Embassy Despatch also reports that, according to hr. DOWNING, his approach to tho Guatemalan Government would be made at tho same time as the presentationew note froa the British Legation to the Guatemalan Oovernment pressing for settlement of tbe claim. Possibly connected with ths proposed new British noteecent request received by PBIS from BBC requesting information on broadcasts concerning the Springfjord by "Radio Liberation" during the Guatemalan revolutionU. FBIS records for this period have been destroyed.

5. Tour attention is called to the statement innn which /ALLS stated that if his talks in Guatemala were unaucoessful, he Intended tooncerted diplomatic effort by the United States, Great Britain, ond the Netherlands to obtain settlement of the claims.

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