Created: 5/1/1958

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SC No.No. jgg


Office of Current Intelligence CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY


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this document contains code WOHI) materlal

This document contains classified information affecting the national security of the United Stales within the meaning of the espionage laws, UB Code,. The law prohibits its or the revelation of Its contents in any manner to anperson, as well as Its use in any manner prejudicial to the safety or Interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to theof the United States.

It is lo be seen only by US personnel especially Indoctrinated and authorised lo receive COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE Information, its security must be mainlained in accordance with COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE REGULATIONS.

No action ia lo be takes on any COMUCKKATIONB DcTILUGBNCE whichbe contained herein, regardUss ef the advantages to be gamed, iMleei avefa action u> drat approved by Ihe Director of Central



threats of violence on Cyprus by the Greek Cypriotorganization BORA have caused tbe Britishto instruct Its personnel to carry side arms, travel in groups of four, and "shoot to kiivany assailant. Greekof th* larger cities have been placed out of bounds. No new restrictions will be imposed on th* Greekajor outbreak of hostilities occurs.

An EOKA campaign ofandof Greek Cypriotcontinues. Recently, EOKA has sent two demands to the British. The first, Issued, onpril, threatened an all-out EOKAunless Britainbegan negotiationsettlement of the Cyprus The second, issued onprilhour time limit, warned that attacks on British personnel would begin unless the "inhuman tortures" ofdetainees were stopped. However, no attacks on British personnel have yet been reported.

In response to EOKAGovernor Foot again called for an end to violence and prom-

ised to lift the emergencylatlons if order is restored. He said he Intends to go to London for conversations on Cyprus early in Nay, but warned of tbe consequences If violence contlnuos. His relativelypolicy Is opposed by almost bis entire staff, and British officials have said they are ready to tak* stricter and more effective countermeasures than those used duringcampaign. Some Brit-iab security officers are said to be "spoilingight" with tbe Cypriot underground.

London can do llttl* toa settlement while agovernment In Athens waits for elections schoduled for 11 In addition, any British statement which might placet* EOKA and the Greeks wouldiolent reaction In Turkey and among the Turkish Cyprlots.

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