Created: 5/16/1958

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Su*SJ3Cfi Keetlrg with Air Force Personnel Concerning Scientific Advisory Penal Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, oV.lod3 (Secret)

1*eetlnj was convened this date with representatives of tha Air Farce to discuss what steps should ba taken concerning tha subjact report In order to take cars of inquiries such as the letters written by Kr. Leon Davidson* Hr. Davidson has been mat insistent upon getting ths entire report released. The full report Is classifiedeclaaalfiid'verslon iaopy of which was glvea to Kr. Davidsoo.

2. The following personavers el the ascling:



Legislative Counsel,, CIA

J. f the report cites example* of actions that could be taken by an entry with possibly dangerouso rational security, Ciis le the prinolpal reason that the entiro report eannot be declassified. This, wis agreed to in tho nesting. In edition, It was pointed eut byjgr. StronjQJhat several of the panelstars specifically reqeeateari^TTTe they had no objection to their Rases being used in connactlon with tha report, they did not wait their naasM connacted to ths Central Intelligence Agency. far lt Is balieved that all connections betvsen the reabers and CIA havo besn pads by unofficial personnel.

h* In dealing specifically with Hr. Davidson it was agreed thatacker vauld answer for tho'DC! at the eaue tins that ho ves arnvrricj for the Air Forces, opy of his letter to Kajor Ticker to the DCIesponse.)

S. Wf. StrensJjoinled out that pirhaps the bast way tofuture inquiries along these linos Use to putress release covering the subject of unidentified flying objects, utilizing the panel report as each as possible. Kajor Soiled, agreed

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ftUSJSCfi Keating with Air Fore* Personnel Concerning Scientific Advisory Penal Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, dated3 (Secret)

onvened this date with represents Uvea of tho Air Force to discuss what attps should ca talon concerning the subject report in order to take care of inquiries such aa the letters written by Kr. Leon Davidson. Kr. Davidson has beta rest insistent upon jetting th* entire report released. Th* fuUrapor is classifiedeclassified'version Isopy of vhich vaa given to Kr. Davidson.

P. lha follc'lng vera at the aaatiegt


legislative Counaal, CIA OSI, CIA

3. f the report cites exanploa of actions that could be taken by an'ar.*oy vith possibly dangerouso rational sacurity. *iMs is th* principal reaaen that the entiro report cannst be declassified. TnlVva* agreed to ii tho suating. In ai^ition, it vas pointed outtronjyvial several of thestara apsclfic*lly requested; thu vtrfTh they had no objection to th*ir RSSSSB being used in connection with th* report,idt their nawes connected to ths Central IntsUijenco Agency. So far it is believed that all connectionshenbars and CIA havo bean made by unofficial personnel,

i. In dcali.'vj specifically withavidson it was agreed that Kajor Tacker vould answer for tho'DCI at tho sane tina that ho vaa arjwtrlcj for th* Air Force*. opy of his letter too the DCI for a

f.ointed out that pirhaps th* bast way to foresccli any futura inquiries along thvs* linos vas to put one a' press release coveri.ij the subject of unidentified flying objects,he panel report as much aa poaaible. cd agreed


SUWIKTs Meeting wltn Air Forco Personnel Conearrdr* Scientific Advisory Pansl Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, dated3 (Secret)

that this vas perhaps th* best vay to handle It, iwsnuch as In hla capacity of legislative liaison, it vould bast satisfy congressional reouiraaents. Kajor lacker will draft an Air Force press release,

then suVrdt it tojHr. Car^jfor. Agency review,Jftdll consult vith the OfficetrenfiW the iindorsTgead vhsn he receives the draft press ic^sase.

Ihe Air Force representatives believe that rcuch of tbo troubleav* been having vith Kajor Keyhoa along loses sateould ba alls slated if ths !'aJor did notsuch important parsonages as Vlca AA-dral il. K.omer" DCI, en tb* board of jovemers of hla organisation, ttay suggeabed that perhaps If ths Ad-dral vas shewn tha Secret panel'report ho vould understand and take appropriate actions. Ox*/Car^said that ha vould relate this aoEjastioa*jfeustc^^nsral Counsel).

Chief, A

Kajor Boland seggestsd that it night ba advisable to contact th* panal rorabers toswrding of ths panal report soravhat along thohat Cr. Ktniel suggested in bis letter to all the nsnhers of the panel. Drj.eeaivod tha unclassified version fro* Kr. Icon Davidson. FTir. StronJ^fesls that this nay ba iudrissble at tha presentTasraich as the report has already boan rais evaiUble ta the public and any change nay arouse ausplcieo. Rovarar, ha will contactbartaon ani discuss this.


to th* DCI) :


1 Office of Security)

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