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SITWECT on Utters DJilin* witn Cnidentifled flying Objects

Haw to Assistant Director/SI Iron Chior, ASD/EI,ubject

Ilajor Byrne's officeTJ) ves contscted In regard to the release of the cenel recart to Kr. Davidson end Xejbras referred to Hejor Tacer, Office of the Secretary of Air Force Ini'orrsticn Service (SAFI3).

In response toy es to whether Air force had any objection to oar answering these lettersopy of the panel retort, Kajor fecicer indicated that he had rather the CIA forward th* letter* ta hla vith copies of theroport and he will-answer the letters. He staged that the Air Fore* is enaaavoring to upress upon Xajor rieyhoa and othersimilar position, that hla office is the proper place to core for suchion,

--^ 3- of cy convaraatlon vithMAJ. Tacker, I

r^wfc ChapQfio the,orfic* ana aavisaa him thatfr fjree not oruy praferrca to answer the letters. Cutest Insistent that they ce ponittod to answer the*. , therefece, is golr^ to seedletters to Xajor Tacker tad advise Vx. Daviaaon andyho* of this action.

hi hink wa can use this procedurerecedent hencsforth in all inquiries rejartin^ ifiO's.

hief, Applied Seienc* Division, SI



I K'

UJor Byrne's office (AjCCI) wes contacted in regard to the release of the panel report to Mr. Davidson and Ksjoras referred tor Tac^er, Office of the Secretary or Air Force Inforration iarrice (SAFId).

9. Ino our query aa to vhather Air Force had any objection to our ensverio^ these latter*opy of the panel report, Major Yactar indicate that he had rather tho CIA forward the letters to hLra with copies of thereport ani he will answer tha letters. Ka stated that th* Air Force is endeavoring to impress upon Major neyhoa and other8imilar, that his office is the propar place to cora for such infor-ation.

Frank Chapyfln tht DCCI's olfice ano aavisedhat the STr Forceiy prsferred to anavar the lettora, but waa rest insistenthey c* permitted to answer then. Ke, therefore, ia going to send the letters to >'ajor Tacker and advise Kr. Davidson ani Kajor reyhoe of this action.


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