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Chief, Chicago Office

January ic#8

4 Dr"I an 58

Wo hare contacted Dr. Pavldaon by telephone advising Mm that we cannot reeolvo Mo problca concornlng tbecessage ond Its transcUtter because records cn the wtter have been destroyed by the evaluating agency, Ittvldeoa accepted this sUtcscot with the cement tbat bo bod been told thle before, tint hs nowecond article for publication concerning Air Force hAndllng of apaceogs In the hand* of tho rentage* eecurlty review people (which he thought ves olid enough to pesond ho hinted that be eight wish to take up againater dote the natter of this particular CKBcage.

We appreciate that there have been oany cookn in tho kitchen on tMa dish nnd that, as a. result, the extraordinarily ncnccsraittAl erd evasive luisver ve vere Instincted to elve nasldson vas perhaps the only one possible if ve vere to avoid crossing up previous eta locate of our ova, and other involved agencies, to:this win. But the nmrwer vas hardly fair to tavidson, and coo not likely to be fully accepted by

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L. We ban* contacted Dr. rovidson by telephoca advising hla that ve cajinot resolve hla problea concerning tba space cessage nod lta transcsltter hecauco records on tbe-tiler hnre been destroyed by tbo evalitttlag agency. Davidson Accepted thla atateoeot vdtb the canent that he bad been told this before, that bo nov bed a> sccood article for puhUcaUco concercdng Air Force hnndllng of space algbt-lags lo the hands of the Pentagon security review people (vhich he thought vos nlld enough to pesod be hinted tlat be night vlsh lo taha up afainater date the miter ef thla particular tici rags.

1*. Ve appreciate Wat there have been nany cooia lo the kllchea on thla dlahesult, the catiaordirnrlly ntevxeeaittal ord evasive aasver ve vers Instructed to give Poridxoo vas perhaps the only one poaalble if ve vero to avoid crossing up previous atateseote of our ova, and other lavolved egcaeles, to this ma. But the ansver vas hardly fair to roYtdscoi, and coo not likely to be fully accepted by hla. is: KIWI



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