Created: 5/8/1958

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Dear Lloyd:

Your letter ofpril vith the enclosures deollna vith Dr. DcTldsoa vere volt tec for no on iy returnoath'a trip abroad.

Shortly before ry departure, slnllar letters had cone to us froa Dr. Davtdnoa ml cleo froa Major Kchoo. lata correspondence vaa referred to the Air Force for tpproprfcto cctloa end, since receipt of youravo been lo touch vith the officers concerned to fled outths present status lo tad vbatlvo you la the natter, lll not be able to got tojprther vith then until ooactloo next veek, so this la La the unture only of cn iatcrln ociaovledsenent. ill vriter.eem/ roro about the present status, of the ratter.

Oneight rnko of vhlch you are of course veil evcre is that the otatcaent rada by Nuppelt quoted by Davldsoa coaccrnlng "orders" to the Par.nl is completely without foundation.

Eest rcsardj.

Dr. Uoyd V. Beriaer Prooldcrt

Associated tfntveroities. Inc.oivrSaun Circle Kev Yorkev York

tear Lloyd;

Your letter ofpril vita tea enclosureslth Dr. Darlcaoa vera vaitlc* for aoa^ returnooth'e trip ebroad.

Shortly before ay departure, oLnllar lcttere had coae to va fron Dr. Davidson tad also froa I'ajor Kcboo. die correoponaaaca MM referred to theee for eparoprtcto eetloa end, ainee rcceiat of yourow beea In touch vlth tht officers coaecraci to find out vast the preseat atstua lo end vhatc clva you the ratter. lll not be able to cet toother vlth then vatll as art Lao text voek,hla Is in tha nature oaly of ra iaccrla eeiaovlcdceaeot.Ul vrttoaaxrj roro about the preacat status of th* ratter.

Oatice*;of vhich you ere of course veil evere la that tha statcteat rai* by Kupcelt Quoted by Davldsoa cooccralnao thea co^loteiy vlthoufc foundation*

Peat re carta.

Dr. Lloyd V. SarSmtr Prcatd-at

Associated Ualvercitles, Inc.

olur-huj ClrcW Ktvev Yori

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