Created: 11/19/1957

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Dr. Lloyd V. Barkner


Associated Universities, Incorporated


ifthy Yorkieu York

Dear Lloyd:

You will recall la Januaryv*cientific Advisory Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects with Drs. H. P. Sobertsonainwn, Sasruel GoudsnU, Luls-H. Alvarez, Thorton Pace, and yourselfbers. After its deliberation, the Panel reached, tvo conclusions and usde tvo rscot-wendstiona vhich vere included asf the resort. Very recently, the Air Force hes requested that the conclusions of this report bo declassifiedhat thay nay bo used in theopy of the report is enclosed herewith for your Inforaatlon.

I have discussed, this tatter with Dr. Robertson and Dr. Coudsnlt -viiothat the conclusion contained innd the recor:*endj.tion co.itelr.ed in paragraph ta can be declassified, tut, they, es veil as this, vill not agreeeclasstfleetton of the conclusion inr the recov^ndelion in parofcre-pH lib. It is our fseltng that tie association of tiie Panel vith this Agency should not be disclosed; thatould be rewritten to elioinate this connect ionj end that the final 6tx lines of paragraphan stend as written.

I have queried the Atr Force as to vhether the nanoo of the Panelvould ba used, They hove replied that naaes vould be usedofficial circles wvl vould not be given to tho press- But,endency at times to filter out, it shoula beif approval is given for use of tho nccas, they nay veil

Dr. Moyd V, Berknsr President

Associated Universities, Incorporated


ifth Avenue ;eu Xorleew York

Dear Lloyd:

You vill recall iaecientific Advisory Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects vith Drs. H. P. Sobertsoa as Criai.iv.an, Seswol Co-dsnit, Luis U. Alvarez, TOortoo Pace, and-yourself as neabtrs. After its deliberation, the Panel reached tvo conclusions end tutde tvo recoi-tfiindstions vhich vere Included asf the report. Very recently, the Air Force hoa recniestod that the conclusions of this report be dcclesoi^icd bo that thay nay be used in theopy of the recort is enclosed herewith for your information.

I have discussed this ratter uitii Dr. Robertson end Or.ree that the conclusion contained innd thoion conteir.eC. in psrosrejh can Ve declassified. Bat, thoy, es veil os this Assney, will not agreeeclassification of the cor.cli'sioa inr the recos^endation in paragraph kb. It is our fsollns that the association of the Panel with this Acency should not be disclosed; that1 could be rcvi-lttco to clttUnate this correction; and that the final six lines of paresrepa can stand es vrltter-

I have cueried the Air Force ao to whether tha naiieo of the Panelwald, be used.ey have replied that neiros wauld be usedofficial circles end vould not be &iven to'the press. Bit,endency at times to filter out, it should loif approval isor use of the neries, they nay veil


It vould be veryreolatcd if >ou couldcnov as soon as possible what your reaction ic to the fir Foi<ceproposal; vhsther yoa rgrce vith Dr. Rcbertsoa, Dr. Cftulsnit ani ryself oa lifting any deciesstfii.*tiOfi; end whether yea vould approve or disapprove th* us? of your care, granted that Agency coeaac'.lcn vith tha Panel ia vlt'vteld.

Very best


UFO Seport (Secret)

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