Created: 12/6/1991

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Hizballah Terrorist Plans Against US Interests

Theretrong possibilityerrorist attack against US interests in Beirut within the next few weeks. |

of leadership

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Hizballah Terrorist Plans

in Damascus onat some Hizballah

November mat ne tag. -gooo imonnznon elements are planning to kidnap additional Westerners and that thereeath threat against him.

Hizballah dissidents oppose ihe release of Westernebanese prisoners are still detained by the Israelis andterrorists are imprisoned in Western Europe. Tel Aviv stillHizballah cleric Shaykh Ubayd; according to released - guards personally know and highly regard

' UOayo. ine dissidents have staged previous operations to protest hostage releases and to free imprisoned Hizballah members.

- In August, Hizballah elements linked to the Hammadi clanrench relief worker to protest ihc McCarthy release. The Hammadi clan also orchestrated9 kidnapping of two German hostages to press for the release of the Hammadi brothers imprisoned in Germany.

The Iranian Role

It Ls possible that Tehran has approved low-level terroristUS interests-such as sniper anacics-to allow Hizballah elementstheir animosity toward the United States. These Hizballah elementsformer hostagead Mughniyah.

mat Hizballah

bomb attack on lhc US Ambassador and is targeting CIA officers in Beirut. Some members reportedly also are plotting to attachan explosive device loan Embassy employee's car orehicle nearby. /'

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