Created: 1/31/1992

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SUBJECT; Beijing's Middle East

Proliferation Activities

Since the Gulf crisis, China has sharply stepped up iti diplomatic activities in the Middle East, participating in th. Arms Control in the Middle East (ACME) process, pledging to observe the Missile Technology Control Regimepromising to accede to tha Nuclear Nonproliteration Treaty (MPT).

Despite its more active role in Middle Eastern arms control

forums, however, Beijing has bean obstructive in soch forums]


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SUBJECT: Beijing's Middle East Proliferation Activities

elieve the Chinese hope, through their participation in various anas control and other negotiating forums, to protect their arms markets in the Kiddle East, at least in part by subtly impressing upon Washington China's ability to facilitate or complicate the regional situation. Accordingly, China can be expected to continue to be diplomatically more active in the Kiddle East, occasionally obstructive of US policy goals, and insistentuid pro quo for its cooperation with US initiatives. The key question is how the Chinese leadership will weigh its desire for less acrimonious relations with Washington against arms export revenues.

SUBJECT: Beijing's Middle East Proliferation Activities (U)

We believe the Chinese will for the foreseeable future cultivate all sides in the Middle East, balancing their recent normalization with Israel and their relations with the Arab states and Iran. Despite tho fact that such an approach to the region will open Beijing to more pressure from both sides, the Chinese have in the past demonstrated an ability to juggle such problems.

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