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Selected Intelligence Items Concerning the Proliferation of Special Weapons, Materials, and Expertise from the Commonwealth of Independent States

The Nonproliferation Center has agreed to serve as the focal point for information onof weapons related material and the "brain drain'firm the CIS. Wewith information on these subjects-pom trips to the CIS, contacts withbusinessmen, or data from other souixes-to contactthe Center on

weekdaysmm (EST) at:

Unclassified material can be FAXED to the Centeray on the same number.


me French ana Italians were

interested in purchasing ss-zss tor satellite launch customersThird World. Half in Jest,US had been

offered the systemossible reference to theolid-propellant mobile: space launch vehicle that Votkinsk has in the past proposed for foreign sale,



8 January, the heads of MAPI's Foreign Relations Department and the Russian MFA's Department of Scientific and Technical

Cooperation called reports that nuclear material had been

smuggled out of the former Soviet Union "unreliable.'

MAPI official Ryzhov said that he ^antral Asian states exported uranium, although he had no information such deals were occurring. MFA official Mayorskiy said the Russian government had received assurances from Tajikistan mat no uranium exports were contemplated. He also said that the former republics were

Scam Activity

an apparent attempt to drum up US interest in helpingconversion, the chairman of the Russian Committeecalleddiscuss the

collapse of the defense industry. He laudedWestern concerns of emigration of nuclear scientists, but noted that chemical and conventional weapons proliferation couldreater danger in the short term.


theilos ot urantum seized in november- was depleted, useless material and that there was no evidence it came from the former soviet union. the swiss citizen arrested will be prosecuted for attempted fraud and possibly illegal possession of uranium. q

anuary pravdaiddle eastern weekly--claimed that iran haduclear weapons from the former soviet union and was employinguclear specialists. during the visit of an iranian delegation to central asia sometime prior to the coup, an iranian nuclear scientist was attempting to recruit soviet nuclear scientists for work in iran. one such scientist reportedly suggested that iran instead simply purchase the weapons. kazakhstan repeated the offer to another delegation following the coup. iran reportedly3 million deposituxembourg bank towards the total cost of0 million. iran also hired0 per month each-to assemble the weapons.anuary krasnava zvezda article. defense minister shaposhmkov heatedly denied that any nuclear weapons hadlbeen sold, labelling as nonsense suggestions that the question of selling them had been raised by


Russian Vice President Rutskoyrip to Iran and Pakistan.

A Tajik government-controlled newpaper claimed in late December that Tajikistan had nationalized uranium mines and an enriching plant and was planning on selling the material to Middle Eastern countries, including Iraq and Libya. The government subsequently denied the reports before Tajik'sress contact I

beiieves the story was planted to try to

put pressure on Russia to provide aid to Tajikistan.

ot the Times

matenaJs, aithough[ had occurred.

information that such deals



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