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Directorate or Intelligence



president Gorbachev anaouncad thraacreating naw presidential adviaory eouncila and oae subordinating tbe Hoseov KGB to tbeGB. in Georgia, tha standoff batvaen pro-government and oppoaition forces continues.

Russian and Canter Developments

--Gorbachev's decree subordinataa tha USSR KGB in tha city of Moscow and in Moscow Oblast to the RSFSR KGB. Meanwhile, the USSR state Commission on the Reorganization of Security Bodies has circulated ita proposals, according to TASS. First among them is the formation of an intar-republican commission to work out the details of reorganization, which can be usedase for drafting the security section of the projected Treaty on the Union of Sovereign States.

-Another Gorbachev decreeresidential Council on Business Activities. He later met with its members, including Chairman of the union of Cooperative Workers V. Tikhonov, economist Pavel Bunich, the president of the Russian commodities exchange, and various businessmen. The group discussed the need toingle economic apace, stabilization of tha rubla, speeding up privatization, andavorable climate for business,

Gorbachev announced yesterday the formationolitical-consultative council to advise him. Among its members are E. Shevardnadze, A. Yakovlev, V.

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the Moscow Sovietackaqe of

documents regulating the privatization of enterprises and other property belonging to Moscow, it also approved an intention to turn the Moscow Televiaion Programs studio into an independent enterprise.

reports today's meeting of military attachaa from foreign embassies in Moscow with chief of the Soviet General Staff Lobov. He discussed proposals concerning

changes in military districts, and langth of

an update, TASS reports that representatives ofepublics signed the accord on foreign economicat the Moscow conference oneptember. Ukraine has postponed signing the protocolseek, whUe the Baltic states and Georgia attended as observers


and opposition forces in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi traded accusations and threats of mass attacks overnight. Hostilities, however, appear to have been confined to sporadic gunfire, according to various press reports. President Gamsaxhurdiya, elevised address, warned that he had exhausted all means of resolving the crisis with the opposition and would not take responsibility for any consequences wnich may follow.

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