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Noah'snC1 Colbyetter to the DS&Tj Sayre Stevens^ asking if the Agency had any evidence of Noah's Ark on Mt. .Ararat. Mr. Colby said that Lieutenant Colonel Walter Brown of the US Air Force Academy had asked "whether it would be appropriate or possible to exploit satellite photography to examine the glacier systems there to see whether any evidence of the Ark could benay, the Center responded that no evidence of the Ark could be discernedhotography acquired on7 or on any satellite imagery available at the Center.

ongressman Bob Wilson asked the Agency whether any aerial photos of ML Ararat could be releasedriend of bis. Dr. John Morris, ton of Dr. Henry M. Morris, the bead of the Institution of Creation Research of San Diego, California. Mr. Hicks statedetter to the Agency legislative liaison staff thathotos7 were available but were still classifiedhe younger Dr. Morris wrote to the Agency later requesting the photos. His request was denied by Angus Theurmer, the Agency's press spokesman who stated


have looked into this matter in tome detail and we regret that we are unable to provide any

Indmiral Showers of the Intelligence Community Staff, in re sponeeuery from Lieutenant Commander Lonnic McClung, asked about the availability of intelligence information concerning the location of Noah's Ark. He was toldearch had been made of aerial photography with negative results.

Onr. John Morris again wrote Congressman Bob Wilson noting that aerial photos "were taken inesult of my request. They were not to be classified, bat have been classified since and are notongressman Wilson again uliiaUa the Agency with the request. Onr. Hicks again denied the request Onr. Morris was notified that tho photography of Ml Ararat was classified and. therefore, could not be provided.arch-an additional request made throughharles Willis of FVeono, California to Mr. Arthur C. Luiidahl, retired Director NPIC was also denied on

PIC Sectiona memo to the Chief, IEG,

detailing the efforts of Messrs.

unsuccessfully allnd satellite imagery for possible evidence of Noah's Ark. This search had been prompted by the visit to the Center, onf Captain Howard Schue of the IC Staffround photoong range view of the purportedhe [Division of NPIC was tusked to determine if the Ark's features in the photo had been altered; Usts failed to identify any manipulation. Attempts to compare the ground photo with satellite imagery for identification and location purposes also proved negative.

Fromarchrench archeological explorer, Femand Navarra was at

Werson Mall in. publicizing his book Noah'souched It. As part of the

sales pitch for the book, thereisplay whichupposed wood fragment of the Ark.


Several NPIC analysts concerned wilh the Ark problem visited the display but found nothing that would help their search efforts.

Onolonel Paul Tonota and Captain Howard Schue, of the IC Staff visited NPIC to discuss Mt Ararat and to see the4 aerial photography of the mountain. At the request of Captainrint of Mt Ararat showing00 foot elevations was provided.


ook entitledhp Ark of Ararat by Thomas Nelson was released. Mr. Nelson maintained that the CIA had photos of Mt, Ararat and that they had been analyzedhe search for the Ark.

Onom Crotscrroup known as The Holy Ground Mission ofexasround photo supposedly of the Ark taken during4 expedi tion to Mt. Ararat.

Sometimeill Chancy Speed of Search Foundation, Inc. requested the aerial photos of Mt. Ararat His request also was denied.

Senator Barry Goldwater wrote DCI TurnerYou may think thiscrewball request and it may be,ould like to know if you can do anything about it" The letter went on to ask if satellite photography could be searched "to determine whether or not something in the way of an archeological find might be located near or on top of the Mount" Goldwater explainedetter he had received had comean inave great confidence, who certainly is no nut, who knows Turkey rather well but who feels that there is reason to believe the Ark may be resting at or near the top of thessureill keep this at any classification you want it kept and if you desire me to go to thenow theCI Turner replied "we have been requested on several occasions if we could determine whether


there was remains of the Ark on Mi. Ararat. We have,esult, carefully reviewed the photography of the area but have not found any evidence of the Ark."

Officer, Major Ray Abel, requesting information on Noah's Ark. Major Abel said he hadequest from General Lew Allen, Air Force Chief of Staff, who, in turn, wasequirement from Congressman Bill Archer of Texas. Congressman Archer had indicated that some of his constituents from Houston, Texas were going on an expedition to Mt

NPIC hadtudy of Mt Ararat innd had found no evidence of the Ark.

Inormer Astronaut James B. Irwin of the High Flighthristian group in Colorado Springs, Colorado, called former NPIC official Dino A. Brugioni, at his home and asked about the aerial photos of Mount Ararat. Irwin was informed that- no evidence of the Ark had ever been seen on aerial photography.


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