Created: 11/1/1991

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Narcotics Situation Report


Colombia: rraSekm arnl HeroinM

A signilicjni expansion ofoppy cultivation in Colombia during the pjst year reflects uaftVker interest in entering the international heroin market. Although Colombian heroin production is still minor by globalhe present rate of expansion indicates thjt opium cultivation in Colombia surpass thehe end of next year. The irainekerV van resource* and mtM itgrciopcd networks would allov. ihcmseaw toiche in the LS and European mu:<

The Colombians appear to be participating in heroin if anx-ling toheir short-term drug, profits, improve iheir pccduciion and marketing processes, and diversify. The Colombian trallickcrs may be trying io

indigenous opium sources, the traffickers could control all aspects of the production cycle, from accaisitiofl of the ra* material to una)evelopment that would make them unique in the heroinj

line trailickcrs for now are focusing on perfecting production methods rather than gearing upayor switch from cocaine to heroin. In addition,roduction perspective, popp* cultivation docs not draw resources from the cocaine trade, and theinvolved in heroin nfocessing would not rwrrnall)

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