Created: 1/24/1992

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Directorate of Intelligence

Internationalnergy Weekly PJ

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ham Espandi Economic Iian it pursuing closer economic cooperation wiih the Islam* members ofhehopes of expanding its influence in lhe rcf ion. According lo press reports. Iran

has seat several hith-kvel Iranian delegaiions lo the CIS in recent month* and has signed numerous economic agreements, includingew rail link, establishing new air rooies. constituting dams, expanding Iranian banks' branch offices, and eventually transporting oil from Ihe republics through Iranersian Gulf port. Financial constraints probably will limit development efforts,

although Iranillion line of credit to each of the sis Islamic CIS rer^blks.ilBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBlBBBBBBB^BBBIBBBBBV I'an probably hopes expended economic tics lo lhe republica wilt promote stability on its northern border, provide new markets lor its exports, and increase its influence al the expense of otheras Turkey and Saudiit sees as competitors in the Islamic CIS republics

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