Created: 1/1/1992

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Relief Deliveries to Bosnia and Hercegovina Growing

Since resuming operationsugust, the Sarajevo airlift has set one-day records for the number of nights.n Monday and on Wednesday, and for total tonnagen Wednesday. The airlift has averagedlightsons of relief supplies daily during the nine days it has operated this month, as compared to an average oflightsons during theays it operated last month. Officers involved in the airlift operations note, however, that they will need to cut back flight schedules this fall as weather conditions deteriorate and daylight hours grow shorter, according to US diplomats.

The UN will soon have enough trucks in Bosnia and Hercegovma to transport as muchons of relief supplies daily, according to the US Embassy; fighting and bad weather probably will limit deliveries to lessons, however. The UN is seeking additional trucks to increase its capacity toons. If the airlift can sustain deliveriesons daily, which is enough to meet the needs in Sarajevo, land convoys probably would need to deliverons daily to meet relief requirements elsewhere in Bosnia.


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