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Directorate of1

Hizballah Terrorist Plans Against US Interests aMNLaf


a strong possibilityerrorist attack against US

JPtgrests in Bwruiwithin the next few weeks.


in Damascus onovember thaiThenad "good wfonnation* that sorac Hizballah elements arc panning to kidnap additional Westerners and lhat thereeath threat against him.

dissident! oppose the release of Western hostages while


protest hostage

idents have staged previous operations rnben.

ebanese prisoners are still defined by the Israelis andre impnso.ie.3in Western Europe. Tel Aviv still holds Tlerk Shaykhardingreleased hostage

guards personally know and highly regard

several hostage lidents have stag releases and to free imprisoned Hizballah mem

In August. Hizballah elements linked to the Hajitraadi clanrench relief worker to protest the McCarthy release. The Hammadi clan also orchestrated9 kieV-apping of two German hostagesess for the release of the Hammadi brothers imprisoned in German)

Ml 1

the communique lhal announced the release of Alann Slocn on

December, hostage holders warned ihat the "conspiracy* in Madrid and Washington would be crushed and thai the "hand ot* America would be cut off" and 'everyone who has ncROliated will fall."

izballah elemenu are leading suspects in list month's car-bombing at the American University in lleirul.eek aftr the conclusion of lhe peace conference In Mtdpd. JoflLaV i

Sl/Kl I

The Iranian Role

It is possible thai Tehran has approved low-level terrorist operations againsi US interests-such as sniperallow Hizballah elements to vent their animosity toward the united Stales. These Hizballah elements ma> include former hostage holder Imad Mughni)

- Tehran, however, would oppose the abduction of additional hostages in order to preserve- the Iranian nolitieal eanital eainrrlnti nf iKc

Security Environment is Lebanon

k mbassailor Crocker discussed US concern! witb Prime Minister ICaramiecember, who promised that necessary security measures would be lakc/i. Lebanese security patrols sweep the neighborhood surrounding the US Embassy every three hours and have augmented per.meter security at the Embassy.

ar bombing inside thea remote possibility given the strict security measures intravelthe use of armedJB>

US personnel al the Embassy also have reduced the likelihood of kidnappings. Lebanese security officialsocket or sniper attack is thc mostlioi ^Mfl^fAvaa*

Desptie tighter security, the threat to US personnel outside theof standoff allacks on the US"

Ir.ry at

sy.'may force some mudjiIj^ terrorists"td focus on less protected targets, as was the case in last month's bombinj at the American University In

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