Created: 10/19/1991

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HAITI: Calm Is Superficial


The calm in Pon-au-Princc masks tension shared by most working-class Haitians thai is fueled by anger over the coup and continuing human rights abuses against supporters of ousted President Aristide. SassalBsSgsSBiVBSSs%VBSsaVin the capital still Aristide to return, snd sporadic protests have continued in othereneral strike on Monday fizzled, however, in part because of fearilitary crackdownsenior military officers are more concerned about terrorist attacks thanopularenerally reliable source says

) Anstidc's support among the poor remains substantial, but

j delay in the imposition of tough sanctions or other signs of waning international support for him would give the military-backedoost. Public defiance probably would decrease as most Haitians resigned themselves to getting on with their lives. Pro-An slideprobably would then turn increasingly to violence io order to rally amircgime sentiment or to prompt foreign military intervention

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