Created: 10/8/1991

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Rebel Soldien Scuttle OAS Mediation

Rebel enlisted soldiers last night stormed the National Assemblythe legislators at gunpoint to declare tbe presidencytoegotiated settlement between theand the OAS. Parliament appointed Supremeyear-old political unknown, asowever, he has not yet accepted the position. At thetook over


OAS delegation, which relumed to the US last nighteg.-ii.itiorn with General Cedras and Deputyv BaaafflLVHlla'1 ,wxn optimistic about reai hingettlcmeni Meanwhile, according to press reports "thousands'* of Pon-au-Pnncr residenis are fleeing the city in anticipation of renewed viol

The enlisted men consistently haveougher stand

against President Aristide's return under any conditions, and the imposition of Ncrctte is intended to put in force constitutionalprovisions that wouldew election withinays. The assault underscores tbe inability of officers to control enlisted men and attempts on their pari to reverse the Senate's initiative and get negotiations back on track would put them at serious risk. Meanwhile, the Senate's move may prompt more intense antigovcrnmem activity by pro-Arislidc populist groups,ycle of escalating repression and violence that would place Haitian and foreign noncombatams increasingly at risk.

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