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of Document: Frankfurt/Main FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE

pecial Program To Stimulate Health Research in the New Laender"]

Name: West Europe

Headline: Health Research in East Newly Funded, Focused

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Subslug: [Article by "GHA.": pecial Program To Stimulate Health Research in the New Laender")


[Article by "GHA.": pecial Program To Stimulate Health Research in the New Laender"]

[Text] Bonn, ct-With the helppecial program the Federal Ministry of Research plans to stimulate health research at the new medical schools and academies and at the non-university institutions of the new laender. Within the next three years.illion German marks [DM] are to be allocated for this purpose. The Health Research Council has sanctioned the program. It is supposed to serve to develop research priorities as integrated systems that possess sufficient "critical mass" to become competitive. Ultimately, they might be established, for example, as clinical research groups or special research divisions. The laender want to assist this initiative with the remodeling of buildings and with appointments, when introducing the program in Bonn, Research Minister Riesenhuber said that especially the new generation of scientists should also be included in leading positions. Trips to other countries, international events, and invitations to guest scientists

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are being supported as well. The subjects of the focal pointsontinuance of previous research in the colleges and academies in Berlin, Greifswald, Rostock, Leipzig, Dresden. Kalle, Kagdeburg, Jena, and Erfurt ond link them to the government program, 1'Research and Development Devoted tohe projects are primarily concerned with the areas of neurology, heart-circulatory diseases, as well as rheumatism and diseases of the connective tissue, also the treatment of newborn infants, metabolic problems, cancer research, and the prevention of dental disease. The schedule of projectsositive picture of the frequently underestimated university research in the new laender.

Scientists presume that the cause for the close link between psychic and physical processes lies in analogous systems of chemical carriers. One of the priorities at the largest clinical center, the Charite in Berlin, is called 1'Disorders of the Central Neurotransmission Mechanisms" and focuses on the study of structure, function, and interaction of these carrier mechanisms within the central nervous system. Mental degeneration, particularlyisease, is the focus of the grant priority, "Clinical and Neurobiological Aspects of Degenerative and Regenerative Changes in the Central and Peripheral Nervoust the Paul-Flechsig Institute for Brain Research at tha University Leipzig.

The subsidy of two priority projects is intended to reinforce the bridge between the Medical Academy Magdeburg and the Institute for Neurobiology and Brain Research of the former Academy of Sciences of the GDR, thus creating an efficient neurobiological research focus in Magdeburg. "Clinical Neurosciences" and possibly "Basic Mechanisms of Neuropsychiatry Diseases" are under preparation. Environmental problems, among others, which are associated with the heavy pollution from industrial emissions in the Magdeburg region, are to be an essential component of clinical and epidemiological studies. The other priority is the question of nerve adaptation during the aging process.

Ever since the electroencephalogram (BEGJ was developed in Jenaeurological research hasocal point at this university. This tradition is to be continued, particularly the study of cerebral physiological processes. The closeness to industry is an advantage. Physicians at University of Greifswald are in the lead worldwide with their ideas and approaches regarding blood pressure regulation. In their main study, *'Chemoreceptors-Sodium Chloride Sensitivity- Primaryhey are now striving to comprehend the precise control of blood pressure with sensors (chemoreceptors) in the arteries.

esearch alliance for the differentiation of the

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arteriosclerosis riak associated with disorders of the blood fat metabolism baa as it* long-range objective to develop tbe center for fat metaboliaa disorders at the Medical Academy Dresdenational center for this field. Interdisciplinary research work established at the Martin-Luther university in Halle has for some cine been devoted to tbe significance of biocatalysts (mediators) in pathophysiological processes In the heart-circulatory system.

7. The research at the Medical Academy Erfurt concentrates on advancements in tho prevention, early diagnosis, and controlled therapy of thromboses in veins and arteries. The effect of cellular and humoral mechanisms is being explored. Microinvasive surgery with minute probes and instruments started at the Charito and at two American institutes as early ass. The Berliners now intend to apply this therapyower cost, with leas pain, and more frequently.

B. The complexity of the bone disease osteoporosis iaong way from being completely understood. There is no sure evidence yet as to the patient's individual risk ofracture. Tba medical community in Rostock wants to close this gap. Most of the participating scientists belong to tbe younger generation. Basedong tradition at tha Medical School in Leipzig,tudy groups from an about equal share of clinics and theoretical institutes plan to combine their research work on tbe questions of prevention, genesis, diagnosis, and therapy of rheumaticpecial research branch is the effort of scientists whorant from the BMFT (Federal Ministry of Research and Technology) for their work concentrating on "Connective-Tissue Metabolism and Flbrogenesis in the Case ofnd Autoimmune-Dependent Pulmonary Fibroses" at the Medical Academy Dresden.

medical school of the University Jena coordinatedresearch in the former GDR. The Federal Healthto open Thuringla's first rheumatism center here.collaboration there is now being exploited instudy. "Rheumatism and Autoimmuneere the workon the analysis of inflammatory andto cartilage and various organs-to cardiac valvea.

the center of the third research priority at the(in all other clinics the BMFT subsidizes only twoare high-risk children In existence for years, ais Involved in the research of Injury to prematurenervous systems and lungs. Extensive data from earlierevaluated epideraiologically so that delayed damage andcauses can be analyzed with future treatment strategies in

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The research efforts of the "Gerhard Katsch" Institute for Diabetes-namedormer health minister of the GDR-in Karlsburg near Greifswald, arc to be integratcd-aa recommended by the science council and as planned by the federal minister of research-into the medical school of the university Greifswald, sooncentrated research project, "Endocrinology andan be developed there. The instituteioneering role in diabetes epidemiology research, for example.

Drug therapy for frequently fatal pancreatitis has made but little progress during the pastrowing number of medicines is found to be ineffective. Five study groups of the Rostock University want to dedicate themselves to this subject in the BKFT-subsidized key research on "Pathogenesis and Therapy of Inflammatory Diseases of thehey investigate the path of endogenous and exogenous substances from the blood through the pancreas into the pancreatic juice, the interaction among these substances, and the pancreasotal organ. Extensive related preliminary studies are also taking place in cooperation with clinics in Magdeburg and Erlangen, and with other western partners. Basedumor center scheduled for the endhe Institutes for Biochemistry and for Pathology of the University of Halle are striving to makeocal point. And finally, at the Medical Academy Brlangen the BMFT isey project in dental medicine, "The Health-Oriented Concerted Preventive Effort To Preserve One's Teeth for Life."

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