Created: 1/21/1992

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Humbert UDC Nuaben

Beadlinei . Urged To Put 'Early End to MIA Iaaue'

Source Lioai anoi Voice of Vietnam In0 CKTan 92


[Station commentary)

[Text] Recently,ntentlonad reports onet of photoa of American peraonnel mlaalng In the Vietnam var have again been publicised. Following the aald photos of Robertson, an American pilot shot dovn in Vietnamnd Air Force Captain Lundy, shot dovn ln Laoshere have been American preae reports on American prleoners who ware allegedly aant to Kaeakhetan and tha atatement made by former KGB General Olag Kalugln aeylng that KGB personnelumber. prleoners of var ln Vietnam5B. So vhat is the truth behind these?

9. First of all va have to confirm that thoaa atorlee have been perpetrated with ill intention. It la naceeaary to recall that onpokesman for. State Department aald that tha result of an Investigation in Kaeakhetanl January ahowad that no evidence has been found about the detention of American prisoners of var. Therefore. State Department held that the Investigation had been stopped until nev evidence la produced.

*. As for tha statement made by former Soviet General Olag Kalugln, Vietnam has affirmed that thla lantentionad fabrication. Onanuary the Vietnam Office for the Search. Cltlsene Hlaalng in,ote to. MIA office ln Hanoi saying that the raauKs of the investigations shov that there vas no interrogation of American prlaonara of var by KGB personnel after. troop vithdraval3 and after tha and of the var

5. The investigation shoved that there vaa only ona contact betveen KGB personnel and an American prisoner of var by tha name of Eugene Weaver. Weaver vas captured by Vietnam in the city of Hue onpon knoving that Weaverusalsn-born American, the Soviet side ssked to meet him and the request vas accepted by Vietnam. In3 the KGB officer Olag Nechiporenko mat Weaver only once because of the latter'a refusal of another contact. In3 thee returned Mr Weaver to. side. This should not be usedretext for the fabricated story about personnel interrogating American prisoners of var up to the and of * the war.

Approved tor rieieasa ^


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Tha American TIHE aagaalne remarked that these ridiculous atorlea contribute to the KiA Induatry vhoaa [word indistinct) are profiting through cooked up atorlaa. This ahova that eoaa circlet In the united Statea continue their outmoded policy, pretexting the KIA laaua to hinder the proceas of normalising. relatione and sabotaging tha frlendehlp between the two peoplea.

For Ita part Vietnam conaldere MIA merely aa humanitarian laaua and have unilaterally solved the Issue without lapoalng any conditions on. aide. Following tha return of all American prisoners of war, the Vietnamese side has handed over to.ata of remalna and information concerningases of American personnel whose death vas confirmed.oint. seerchee have brought about practical raeulta.

Therefore. Government and Congress should stop uelng the MIA issue for political purposes and an obstruct to the process of normalising relations between the two countries. What they ahould do la make the American people understand tha truth about the MIA laaua and be vigilant of allegations. They ahould take measures to prevent and punish those who make profit of tha sufferings of American faallles. The beat way for. la to promote the process of normalising relations and to put an aarly and to the MIA Issue. This will surely meet the aspirations and lntaraat of the peoples of both countries.


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