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Charles (Charlie) E. Allen Executive Secretary DCI National Intelligence Committee

for Emergency Planning Director, National Intelligence Emergency Planning Staff SIS-1

Mr. Allen was born on5 in Taylorsvl1le. North Carolina. He is married and has four children.

Mr. Allen graduated from the University of North Carolina7 with. degree in political science. He did graduate studies at George Washington Universitynd at Auburn University. Mr Allenistinguished Graduate of the Air War College class

Mr. Allen entered on duty with the Agency8iographic analyst In the Office of Central Reference. After yearsiographic analyst and section chief, he workedearystems analyst on an OCR effort toomprehensive automated information handling system. e joined the Office of Current Intelligence, working firstubstantive analyst on Eastern Europe and later on Africa. e worked on the President's Daily Brief beforeosition as the production officer for current intelligence in the Office of Strategic Research. , Mr. Allen served in an overseas post where he was responsible for conducting the finished intelligence exchange with an allied government. 7 tor. Allen headed the NPAC Coordination Staff which was responsible for substantive support to the field and for the direction of the finished intelligence exchange worldwide. 9 toe was Chief of the Publications and Presentations Group of the Office of Current Operations. In this capacity, he was directly responsible for publishing the Agency's finished intelligence and for exploring new methods for presenting finished intelligence to theve 1.


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