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North Korea: Lowering Military Profile Before Summit

North Korean troops along the demilitarized zone in the past month have replaced propaganda broadcasts with music, posted large signs opposing "war betweennd stopped distributing anti-South leaflets, according to the South Korean media

The North is trying to ensure no military incidents sour the talks

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Leading Developments

Analytic Perspective

Surprises at Summit

North Korean dictator Kim Chong-if

that he will present an unexpected proposal during toe summit next week. He mightroposal on tension reduction or even peace negotiations as initial steps toward tmificatioD talks.

Korean media are emplmizing Kim's pursuit of hisproposals.

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Show Stopper Unlikely

A surprise designed to scuttle talks or to embarrass the South is less likely because seeking iminediate political or symbolic advantage would damage prospects for substantial economic assistance to Pyongyang. It also would disrupt Pyongyang's emerging ties to Japan. Western Europe, Australia, and other US and South Korean allies.

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