Created: 6/15/2000

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Leading Development

Results Raising South Korean Expectations

South Korean President Kim Dae-jung will return to Seouletter position to silence critics of engagement and to follow through on infrastructure help for the North. He can use North Korean leader Kim Chong-U's agreement to expand humanitarian, political, and economic cooperation to answer opposition demands for North Korean reciprocityrerequisite for aid.

can manage domestic expectations and maintain momentum by moving toward implementing simpler elements ofthe accord, such as family visits.

Jubilant South Koreanshance for lasting reconciliation and have been captivated by Kim Chong-U's gracious hosting of Kim. One local daily called the Soutb's collective surprise at seeing an amiable North Korean leader as "Kim Chong-ilnd another called it Kim's "reconciliation with the world."

Seoul residents participatingandlelight procession to celebrate tbe summit demanded repeal of laws restricting private contact with the Norm.

The South's mood will sour quickly if it perceives that the North Is delaying or backtracking on summit commitments. The South Koreans will recall previous agreements that have foundered during implementation.

latest accord, by calling for purely Korean solutions to unification, resembles formulas for North-South cooperation signed2

The Korean leaders closed the second day ofthe summit by signing an agreement lo resolve unification in an "independento seek common ground in their respective unification proposals; to resolve the issue of separated families and long-term political prisoners; to pursue balanced development of the "nationalnd to hold follow-on talks. Kim Chong-il accepted Kim Dae-jung's invitation to visit Seoul at an "appropriate time."

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