Created: 8/11/2000

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Deputy Director of Genital Intelligence (or Community Management Waahhgbn. DC

0 NOTE TOR: Director of Central Intelligence

SUBJECT: Declassification ofmagery

In March, you asked NIMA to proceed with the declassification review ofndapping camery imagery, and, in their final package through SecState and SccDcf, to clearly identify the potential risks with declassification andlan for allocating funds to implement it. NINA cited the risks and provided an implementation plan in the enclosed recommendation mem.

, issuedS, delegated authority to declassify satellite imnpery to the DCI, in consultation with SecState and SecDef. The declassification effort onndas been extensively coordinated over the last several years within the IC and DoD, and in May and June of this year with Secretaries Albright and Cohen.

I recommend that you approve this declnssification by signing the blocks onf7A memo.

Joan A. Dempscy


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