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(U) Spy Fi Exhibit Opens on August 10

On Thursday,CI Tenet is slated to join in the formal opening of the Spy Fi exhibit in the first floor atrium of NHB. Dannyollywood screenwriter and producer, is bringingrtifacts that comprise the best of the Spy-Fiworld's largest spy fi collection, with moretems from television and movie espionageCIA Headquarters. Would you believe that the 1st and 4th floor Atriums of NHB, and the lAand IB corridors of OHB. will contain:

Smart's shoe phone.

ThreeX.E. cigarette case and pen communicators,JLE. handgunarbine, original scripts used by David McCallum, THRUSH rifles, uniforms, berets, and ID cards.

The tarantula that almost got James Bond in Dr. No.

Shoes worn in the James Bond series by Scan Connety.

Several MOD files from the Austin Powers series.

John Steed's bowler hat and Mrs. Peel's

(U) "Openanny Biederman. weaiing Napoleon Soto's-emonstrates ihe

. ihi:ind

. pen communicator.

(U) Among ihe props ihat will be on display: Fab magazine appears in Austin Powers, as do Dr. Evil's ring and Austin's glasses; James Bond's Walther PPK used by Roger Mooreiewill: Galaxy. patches from Our Man Flint; props cigarette ease communicator used in The Manhe Del Fiona's Tiulor Shop UNCLE, seerei entrance coat hook.

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leaiher pan is from The Avengers tv scries.

(U| Overviewortion of ihe James Bond memorabilia in ihe Spy-Pi Archives.

IU| Danny

Biedermans script for Ihe rv documerUP. The Avengers: The Journey Back rests on the net of Ihe production, along wilh replica props used Io re-create The Avengers opening title sequence. Biederman wrote the lelcplay for the documentary, hosted by Patrick MacNee (John Steed).

The sleeve gun device and two of James West's outfits fromv version of Wild Wild West. You'll also see original pencil sketch artwork used for the opening scenes and Artcmus Gordon's concealment device case.

Tom Cruise's exploding gum and slum watch from the first Mission Dripossiblc movie and Martin Landau's script from the tv series.

I Spy artwork and storyboards. along with Bill Cosby's Emmy plaque,

Our Man Flint's Galaxy jacket. ID patches.

JD cards from Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

Licensed merchandise, including never-marketed prototypes of tie-in toys.

The opening ceremony will include appearances hy Intelligence Community officers who arc namesakes of actors and characters featured in these television shows und movies. You'llhance to meet the realhe's got the IC credential to provehe real James Bond, and many others. As part of the exhibit, the Fine Arts Commission willunchtimc film festival in the Headquarters Auditorium, using rare footage from these movies aitd series. The collection4 television version of Casino Roy ale starring Barry Nelson as the first James Bond, unaired television pilots, and king-lost promos (watch What't News for showtimcs andou'llchedule of the film festival in upcoming editions of What's News. For further information on the exhibit, please see What's Must edition No.ated


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