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(U) Spy Fi Exhibit Opens

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Ai'ciK'y employees formally opened ihexhibit in ihe first floor Atrium of NHB. (For furthcr informauon on the exhibit, which is on display through December in (he porridors of OHB. anduse edition

of the Fine Arts Commission (FAC).

welcomed the audience to the collection of "names and images thai evoke such enduring nacnwrics for us all."| |observed (hai such images were "influential and in large measure contributed" to his joining the Agency, /as panicularly impressedpy's Akxaitder Scoii and Kelly embedments of Ihc bold adventurers with broad intellect and savoir faire who were early models of partnership and teamwork. | nderscored thai these trails contributed to bringing the exhibit to Trie Agency, and thanked the FAC's partners in Facilities Management. Office of Technical Service. Center for the Study of Intelligence. Office of Public Affairs. I'&PG. SSI, and other offices.


DCI George Tciiei thanked collector Danny Biederman for bringing the collection to the Agency. He praised the OTS team, which "designs the best technical gear in the wholee predicted that "at Family Day, our children and family members will really enjoy this."

Danny Biederman, Hollywood screenwriter, author, producer, and consultant, noted that "I'm honored to be here. This hasompletely overwhelming experience to work with my new friends at theiederman traced his interest in espionage toyear-old watching The Man. He was "completely swept up by the world of intrigue andhinkingant toe later gravitated to the world of entertainment, where he has contributed to numerous fictional espionage stories on television and in print. At the same time, he began to build and collect spy gadgets and toys, and soon began collecting props from the movies and TV shows "that many of us grew upear ago. the Agency contacted him about bringing some of his collectionrtifacts to Headquarters and "the two universes of fictional and real-world espionage" came together. The collection "is an important slice of the popular culture, not just of Americana, but for the world, and represents the incredible talent and imagination of the writers, producers, and others who put these together. This fascinating relationship between the two universes traces back to, when President Kennedy revealed that hean of the work of Ianiederman hopes that the collection will help "bring back memories, and continue to make us dream and inspire us."

Biederman presented DCI Tenetlaque which reads, "The international law enforcementorked to protect world order by fighting such sinister forces as Thrush, an organization bent on world supremacy. The undercover warfare between these two secreton the NBC-TV scries "The Man" in theumber of artifacts that recall the intrigue and adventure whichs many global affairs.

The Spy-Fi Archives has carefully preserved theseriangular security badge that

permits entrances secret headquarters; the personal


business cards lop enforcement agent. Napoleon Solo;niform patch bearing the foreboding insignia of the evil Thrush organization.

Thesethe forces of both good andhereby presented to the Central Intelligence Agency in honor of its work toward world peace and the security of the United States of America. May the thrilling and imaginative adventures of spy fiction continue to reflect and inspire the good work of our American heroes for years to come.


The audience was treatedpy fi video montage, serenaded by the music of James Bond movies, and dined on Kuryakin cookies. Bond Bons. OO Oreos, and Kaos Cola. The reception gave Whats Newshance to chat with employees about their impressions of the exhibit Among their observations were:

James Bond Illya Kuryakin. Alexander Scott, Emma Peel and others were great role models when wc were growing up, showing people doing exciting, creative work in secrecy and dangerreaterot of us are here because we became interested in this work during our childhood.

/ Spy was one of the first television shows toinorityain character, while The Avengersan and woman working as equal partners. They presaged the diversity you see at the Agency today.

A lot of the devices created by prop masters for the moviestartling resemblance to the cameras, communication devices, and other gadgets created by both sides during the Cold War. It's neat to compare Spy FVs items with the Cold War Exhibit.

The exhibit shows again that weense of humor. Itighthearted take on the business of intelligence.

Bi dcrman will meet with employees on Wednesday..

into discuss the gadgets of spy fiction and the real world. He'll

also address an upcoming OTS Town Meeting. He'll return to the Agency in September to host the Spy Fi Film Festival in Ihe Headquarters Auditorium (Watch What's News for titles, dates, and times ofThis is UNCLASSIFIED.)

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