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Table of Contents

TABand List of Invitees


TABCounterdrug Architecture

TABProgress on Worldwide Heroin Threat Assessment

TABNational Drug Threat Assessment0

TABDirective Creating the CNII

Your Role at the CNII

Introduce yourself

Guide Group through the Agenda (as follows) A. Counterdrug Architecture

You can begin byYou can say that you

have recommended to the PCI thatj ^be our designee for Deputy Director of the CDX Staff.!- brings the highest degree of

professionalism and solid counterdrug credentials to this

You can thenthe

Intelligenceocal points on the architecture review and say that they will discuss our progress thus far and plans for the immediate and medium term.

B. Global Heroin Treat Assessment

You can introduce CNC's seniorwill

review the interagency project underway tolobal Heroin Threattudy which you view as critical in helping guide the intelligence, law enforcement, and policy communities in their efforts to understand and combat the threat from heroin.

C. National Threat Assessment effort0

Yousay that he will provide an overview on the

needational Drug Threat Assessment and an idea of the timeline we envision following for its production.

and then will introduce

ND1C, who

review the role of his agency in the domestic portion of the National Drug Threat Assessment.

international side of the assessment.

a rundown of the

Colombia Update

You can say that the complex and interrelated problems in Colombia continue to engage us all and promise to stay on the front burner for the foreseeable future, particularly given new policy initiatives in the works.

You haveChief of CNC/Ops and the DCI's

pofntman on ColomDia, to provide an intelligence update on Colombia to review what we see as the priority counterdrug issues.

Background: Progress on Worldwide Heroin Threat Assessment

will cover the following related the Heroin Threat


I [The interagency Worldwide Heroin Threat Assessment is on track to meet its end-of-year intended publication date. Tho research has been completed and the drafting has begun. Key findings and judgments will be ready for briefing at November's Linkage conference.

The study will address:

heroin abuse trends and patterns in the United States;

sources of supply for the US market;

the extent to which other foreign marketsraw on supply;

and the dynamics and variable factors of the heroin trafficking industry in each of the major source-and-transrt regions.

Background: National Drug Throat Assessment0

Director NDIC will attend the CNII in

He is prepared to be introduced by you and asked to give a

rundown of NDIC's role in the threat assessment process for the coming year.


NDIC will probabh/ say that they will prepare an interagency National reat Assessment that looks at narcotics demand and domestic trafficking trends in the United States, including societalas growing drug abuse in the suburbs and rural areas, increasing gang violence.

will then discuss CNC's role in the assessment

process. He will say that we wilt prepare an interagency global threat assessment that looks at production, consumption, and trafficking trendsparticular reference to the United States as the target. We are aiming for end-of-February deadline to feed into the certification process.

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