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ire droppedms cast ofndetres away from the pinpoint. The drsp took place at one In the asrolng and the next feur heuro vere spent in burying their equipment. In ^'ia^.reJ hia hand, cutting it frsn finger te palm, and he later had te have it treatedaspital ln Stuttgart. They burled theeta and taste with them the signal plans, crystals andnstruments.

Betweenndf the following morning they arrived in the town of Buch

- grandmother lived. This house was ea the outskirts sf the town and as they passed they could se- that It was completely boarded up and shuttered. hild wheaTljJ^^topped teld them that the Grandmother was ic the hospital. On

tha way to*be

aa wall as her brother were being watched for by the Geetupe, end that ahe couldinto Suchthat this waa the first he had known of tha fact.

Oa the wa> they ranhef de Garde chanpetre who followed along behind them

finally stopped them.

the cover story that he waa looking for a

ofoad >azi, who had tald hia to look him up ln the town of Buch.

laaacuch as there wvo towns of this name in the region he could. If hia story were

chocked, say that the man lived in the other tewn. By that time they were followed

by four people. arranged with

her the route hoto follow ao that she would loaou where to wait for him. 'hen

the men noticed her absence, he explained that sheirl he had run Into the spent

night before and had/the night with, that. Inasmuch afl ahe waathe same region, she probably did not want the fact known, etc.

1 the signal plana, cedes, cystalsS icts which


wrappedackage aad addreooederman firm. Inelde the.packageetter which Geerge Hewe had written explaining that these were seme&thingB he thought Bight be ef Interest te the firm etc. While walking tate the town he stepped tehurch, pointing out its architecture and while talking managed-to throw the package ever the walleighboring house. He had written the times for his icontactslip ef paper camouflaged as teist of the men In hte factory, their heurs of work, olck leaves and se forth. Thla paper was wrapped around hie passport.

The Chef de Gondarnorie vas net at the pellce station and it wan thewho interviewed hla. ^paaaaTJ pretested that he could aot understand whyarrested him when heoed Nazi lookingriend und they repliedwere looking for enemy agents in the region, he explained hla handthe fact that he had riddenruck the night before and in Jumping downpavement, had caught lt. The police believed his Btory and even went withthe Post Office to ask If there were any mail fer his friend. When nobe found of thr nan, must be in the ether town ef Buch. It

turned out that there were at leastowns of the name of Buch and that Itommon error. They then bandaged his hand and asked him for news ef Strasaburg.

Inasmuch as the Grandmother was in thehis hands.

She hud an aunt who lived In the region and they started off for her house. All along the way Sbey ran into peopleecegnlzed, even her uncle, andlj put on her dark glasses and pulled her coat collar up, and she paseed unsuspected.

'ihe police Interrogation had taken around tvo hours and they arrived at the Aunt's house late In the afterrnoon. She took them in and thatent back to the parachute ground to pick up the material. The two suitcases were too heavy to carry so he left one set camouflaged. The trip going and coning wasne and was made by bicycle. Wk W- corrects himself. first stated

that they made the trip beth ways by bicycle, later he said that they went eut by bicycle aad then returned en feet.)

They left the following aernlng fay train for Stuttgart and arriveden the 5th ef 6th. They vere net controlled on the train. Becausewere cut, the train was forced to stop at Senven. The passengers thenfoot I that night in Senven in the Hotel de la Uare with

severalouch. From Senven they ventby train but hod to get off the train again at'

ua hia sister In law, heoom for them which be later rented, explaining that he had to beood deal on business but would like to have the room held for him so that he would be sure andlace to stay, lso stated to the owner that other people would cobs ln bis name to use the

The next day they went to Stuttgart where he hoped to find the mistress of the Mayor ofae _

of trouble with the Gestapo, that ahe could do nothingln her home. She later said she wouldP ln "

Jewish family nearby. At first the family agreed to rent one of their rooma but on the same dayelegram announcing that other members of their family had been bombed out and were coming to stay with them as they had no place else to


. told Hne "M" thut he wasission the American^ and

he had to be ia Gaggenau on the ?th to moke bisontact. She prenleed to getar from the Mayer but on the following corning,ight spent in the hotel, no car was forthcoming. She was even unable to procureicycle.

X (BH^Ht at six In the morning fer Gaggenau and arrivedwhere they had to wait five er alx hearsrain. The ntat-encrowded that, tjhere wus hardly any room to stand and no heatan officer whe later teek them upstairs and gave then something toman was to become one of the members of the

ng in Caeeen&u, 'stay with one of tho three slaters

he hod counted upen before hit departure. Be himself went to slsj, another sister. Ca the 8th of Kardh he went cut for his first JaX contact, having missed that of the ?th because of difficulties In transportation. He heard no BBC message or plane sn tha night of the 8th, and states that Bill Clark had told him that the hour end place would remain the sama until contact waa finally established. He went out again on the 9th and heard the plane and voices saying "Hello Jack,

Hello Jack, HelloPaul. Id Paul, Icithen brake la

in German and gave his name and prearranged code signal, stating Immediately that the next contact should be at Essllngen. after that there was complete silence and be csuld ns longer make himself heard.

Biifely Installed, he teek.^JPjvith hie and went to pick upof the equipment. He wentin Buck and was told by

the aunt that the region was alerted and lookingan and woman who had been parachuted in, that the manounded hand etc. She allowed them to remain In her house until dark, however, and at nightfall they went Into the forreat and found the suitcase containing the other set. They remained In the forreet for an hour to bake sure that they had not been followed.

Heeturned andCaggenuu ami teok^^xtlho Plochlngen where they Installed the radio set In the room he had rented on the way through:

tfhen everything was oet up and ready they found they had no batteries. H

later Installed at Sssllngen where theyo sake contact la variousseveral occasions the radio set ws3 Installed onfarm nearfactory whichfor radioes, genio equipment, etc. This location had bean found for bywhoartstablishing.

Another recruit waa an engineer in Esslingen who badriend o'l LP


not nake contact with P aoicfirst field In Oaggenau In order to try theence more. Ho lioteded'clock and'clock ln the evening but neveressagehh of March five contacts oa the radio were tried lnof JJoollngen. Onh and ' V with hia

At Zoolingen

at the tame he had Information enth Div., the Sturmththe SS Adolf Hitler, all of which were In the region ofwent outAS contact agnln on the night ofarch at

Gaggenau. On this night he beard what he thought night tu.velane talking to him but foela that this may hove been auto-suggestion.

In the neantine he worked on pppera for his group and hoped te netew chain ln the region of Ulm and )tMemlngen which group would be able to neve uouth as the troops retreated through Ulm. Be states that at this lime he had information on the movement of all Cernan troaps through to Ula and Stuttgart but that there were no troops stationed ln Stuttgart itself, "hen naked why he had not aubmitted this information tie said It who toe old.


with then ene set andreturned te ^et th? otheret

as^ jsaid she could not even receive on the first. (This due te the fact that we hod stepped colling her by that tine). On the llth ofsslingen in companythat if anything happened to him. she coulci go on through the lines and explain what had happened to the mission. Also her home ht Ottenau had been bombed out.

They crossed the lines at Hilpersau onh of April

'twas to remain with her grandmother and to keep trying to contact theas to remain to coveb the region of Stuttgart. He with the cj;;. J he only two agents which Anzlo kept on. He also had

forking with him.



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