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SUBJECT: (Countess) Roele UAIDKK

The file* of this office contain the following InformationCountess Boele UALDSCK.

According to reports eubmltted. In2ource la whom predecessor organisation bed expressed confidence. Countess WAIDECK vas born In Mannheim, Germany, on6 asUSCHMJDT, the daughterewish banker who was tbe principal partner Is the fin of Goldschmldt and Mara of Mannheim. Shen Ha&onaloekonomle at on* of tbe German universities. Source mat her In tbes In Berlin through BHEHSCHEID of tbe Reichstag. At that tints she was marriedr.ell known German gyneoolaglst. Subject was divorced from QRAKFINHERG In5 and went to Paris where she mode many friends. (Another source reported that she started hercareer In Paris, writing articles for Franz von PAPEN's dally paper 0emania.) She later returned to Berlin and became an Intimate friend of Dr. Karl RITTKR, who was former chief of the Economics Division of the German Foreign Office, member of the German Diplomatic Corps In South America,rominent figure In the Nazi Party. Several reportsthat she had an Intimate personal relationship with HITTER for many years, and she was, according to one source, deeply in love with him.

Somewhat later the Countess married Franx iuiatktk of tbe veil known Ulistein publishinger relations with HITTER allegedlyIn spite of her marxlage, and In due time she was divorced from ULISTEIN. Countess VAXDECS reportedly first came to the (Jolted Statesnd she Intimated that she bad come under the patronage of Otto KAHfl. later she returned to Europe and married the Hungarian Count de WAIDECK. She was later divorced from hla because, it was alleged. It was inconvenient for hist toewish wife. In the United States Rosio UALDEdK servedhile as research assistant to Dorothy THOMPSON. She made several voyages to Germany, and1 was in Bucharest, Rumania, where she gathered material for her book, Athene Palace, which repeatedly deals with Baal espionage and Intrigue in the Balkans, While it wasthat she received acme royalltles from this book, the Countessfound it convenient to live at the Hoteld Street, Hew Tork City, as she did not always have to pay her bill there on time. It was reported that tbe Gladstoneenter for Germane, and to have been, at one time oreeting place for the "Gestapo.

I*. According to Source, Countess SHAUfflCK was well acquainted with officers of the War Department in Washington; she pretended to be consulted by them frequently as an expert on the Balkans. Particular friends were said to be Colonel Truman SMITH, formerly MiUtary Attache in Berlin, and


lt. colonel john p. ratai, formerly military attache in bucharest. another particular friend was paul palksiwas described aa a> scout forgeet aagazlne. countess waldbck reportedly stated to source that abaisa to leave rumania only after tbe arrival.there, of dr. claudius. she was quite frank in bar ooavsrsatioos vlth soured about bar friendly relations vlth nuaorou* important geraana. she reportedlyin vichy on bar way to tba ualtad states froa ruaanla, and while there was in touch with easy vichy french, notably pierre dominique and andre do mum.

according to info nsatloo contained la the files of predecessor organisation. countess waldeck, in en interview with. contact inxpressed "defeatist- sent lac nts upon bar return to the united states froa europe. she was said to be friendly with lawrence dennis, well known aaarlcan isolationist, and vaa ination with otto qirasser who expressed great interest in bar book meetlank. this book reportedly discussed potential leaders of the new qeraany and caused aooe repercussion in oeraan refugee elrclee. bar address in3 was given aa the gladstone botel.

. fileseport concerning subject, datedecember 1 pparently submittedource who had known the countess in ruaanla. according to this source. countess waldbck was useful to the germans. tne baals allegedly gave her passes to ride on the zeppelin. after the ge roans invaded ruaanla and the jews had been "encouraged" to leave tbe country. countess kaldece stayed on at tbe botel athene in bucharest and reaeined aonths after the qeraans bad established tbeaaelvee there. source aat subject in bucharest in0 and stated that subject was then very pro-karl,statenents to the effect that

hotjer was going to win the war, etc. source stated that subject was very friendly with dr. claudius, one of tbe chief nasi economic negotiators in rumania. source described tbe book athene palaceistortion of the facta to Bake tbe baxi invasion of ruaanla appear lass brutal than it was. Source expressed surprise that countess waldbck was able to get along so well vlth tbe psinane, socially or otherwise, in vlev of the fact that she was of jewish origin.

int was reported. countess valdeckrales loo to visit the oeraan general franz von ravens tb in who, bowaanvllle, canada. the british interfered in tin* to askauthorities to naks hertateaent wherein she promisedpublish anything about this interview; she reportedlyontractsaturday evening post, (int* lt was reliably reportedbadhe british security authorities black list.) itthat thereeued intimation. was behind thislt is clear froa tbe reports that subject had do such backing. , and. agencies reflected that she was notwith those agencies. she attempted to. prior toto canada, but received no answer. it was subsequentlywhile in canada she falsely purported to be representing.

affrovid forpiiease dfltemum

Govfciroent. In2 oh* aaa collnctlnj aaterial fur anotiwr book entitledtiur-lrho? According to ono aourco, this could havelever Bay foriJozisnforaation aboutefugees and anti-MazisJ-jaTiy. Accortiinj: t- censorship intercepts, Subject Sfvie to naneral yooor :Sans (sic) von n3 and stated that thesic) In Italy Kille Balkan politicians fi-oa "trying to olte also reportedly co-aparod JilTLlJl'g speech with 'rapclGon's.fter the debacle of the Russian

C. In3 infoitiition -as receivedg, now unVmoHn, ffi.ic" alieecil that Countesswas ttien in league with Countq was later implicated in tho1 plotds group ofiso eeixj tr. ins toealussians. Tho ruport added that Subject ens" an ardent supporter ofnerals involved and should bo watched, Aoflyh5 stated that Subject nas about to Go overseas for tteDefkirtaozit, and that aha was than lecturing to American Military Ooverrviuat atn at -ho University of Virginia.

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1he rreman. ColonelSubject's booktaoen t^ Acts, vnich xoji oublishod

In. Colonelt Subject inwhllo he was on dulycntL-ili^-nce Dlvisi'in ofiar Dcpai-ta?:it Ooncral Staff,ateussessed an uncanny flair for prophesying correctlyriic jfa, especially ino: 'viOer social soar-like ijlfts, she placed t'rioa in thears at the ciypcsal of our Amy withoutrs return either, inueou, oven personal recognition". Oureflect ncthinj alilcji eunfiras this stateaent. Colonol SifXTK was,u^rcssodook ant' with .subject's analysis of aoi'ld politico.

3 issuew Leader" cairlod mtiosio G. BAIWXK, date lined taw, entitledTOa-ae *rs. Luce ?"iscusses tho events loading up to the partition ofterrlfcor/.


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