Wabash Van 1996-2011

Car model
Name Recalls Consumer Complaints
Wabash Van 1996 1 0
Wabash Van 1997 0 1
Wabash Van 2005 1 0
Wabash Van 2006 1 0
Wabash Van 2007 1 0
Wabash Van 2008 1 0
Wabash Van 2010 1 0
Wabash Van 2011 1 0

Table of contents:
Wabash Van 1996 recalls
CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
95V249008WABASH NATIONAL CORP.from 10/01/1995 to 01/01/1996V (Vehicle)8ODIWABASH NATIONAL CORPORATION05/24/199606/04/1996
Defect SummaryThese axles consist of a steel tubular center section and forged steel spindles that are welded to each end of the tube. either spindle can contain a circumferential crack through a portion of its cross section.
Consequence SummaryThis crack can reduce the effective service life of the spindle and cause the spindle to fracture during normal vehicle operation increasing the potential for a vehicle accident.
Corrective SummaryEaton will use portable ultrasonic testing equipment to inspect each suspect trailer axle. trailer axles containing defective spindles will be replaced with equivalent axles.
NotesSystem: suspension; i-beam; front spindle. vehicle description: tandem axle vans equipped with eaton axles, models est225j, est230j, or esr230j. (see eaton campaign no. 95e-039). note: owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time, should contact eaton at 1-616-342-3239. also contact the national highway traffic safety administration's auto safety hotline at 1-800-424-9393.