Eagle International 05

Table of contents:
Eagle International 05 1979 recalls
CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
79V096000EAGLE INTERNATIONAL, INC. V (Vehicle)45507/18/1979OVSCEAGLE TRAILERS INC04/05/197910/12/1979571121
Defect SummaryThe involved vehicles fail to conform to federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 121, air brake systems. the vehicles were equipped with 12 square inch brake chambers instead of the required 16 square inch brake chambers. under test conditions 12 square inch brake chambers will not provide adequate braking power or recovery.
Consequence Summary
Corrective SummaryDealer will replace brake chambers with chambers of the correct size, without charge to owners.
NotesVehicle description: buses, transit.system: service brakes; air brakes.consequences of defect: this condition will increase vehicle stopping distance,which would result in an accident in a situation which requires a sudden stop.