Trickery (See also Cunning, Deceit, Humbuggery.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Trickery (See also Cunning, Deceit, Humbuggery.)

  1. Bunsby, Captain Jack trapped into marriage by landlady. [Br. Lit.: Dombey and Son]
  2. Camacho cheated of bride after lavish wedding preparations. [Span. Lit.: Don Quixote]
  3. Delilah tricks Samson into revealing secret of his strength. [O.T.: Judges 16:6–21]
  4. gerrymander political chicanery aimed at acquiring votes. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 199]
  5. Gibeonites obtained treaty with Joshua under false pretenses. [O.T.: Joshua 9:3–15]
  6. Hippomenes outraced Atalanta by tossing golden apples to distract her. [Gk. Myth.: Bulfinch]
  7. Jacob through guile, obtained blessing intended for Esau. [O.T.: Genesis 27:18–29]
  8. Joseph’s coat dipped in the blood of a kid and shown to Jacob as proof of Joseph’s death. [O.T.: Gen. 37:31-33]
  9. Laban substitutes Leah for Rachel on Jacob’s wedding night. [O.T.: Genesis 29:16-26]
  10. Loge (Loki) enables Wotan to overpower Alberich, gain Rhinegold. [Ger. Opera: Wagner, Das Rheingold, Westerman, 232]
  11. Malatesta schemes outwit miser; enable young lovers to wed. [Ital. Opera: Donizetti, Don Pasquale, Westerman, 123–124]
  12. Rebekah encouraged son Jacob to deceive father for blessing. [O.T.: Genesis 27:5–17]
  13. Serpina dupes bachelor employer into marrying her. [Ital. Opera: Pergolesi, La Serva Padrona, Westerman, 61]