Treason (See also Treachery.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Treason (See also Treachery.)

  1. Arnold, Benedict (1741–1801) American Revolutionary general who plotted surrender of West Point to British. [Am. Hist.: Benét, 52]
  2. Burgundy, Duke of fights for English, then joins French. [Br. Lit.: I Henry VI]
  3. Carne, Caryl traitor to country. [Br. Lit.: Springhaven]
  4. Christian, Colonel William executed for treason. [Br. Lit.: Peveril of the Peak, Walsh Modern, 96]
  5. Edmund “a most toad-spotted traitor.” [Br. Lit.: King Lear]
  6. Nolan, Philip deserts the U.S. Army to join Burr’s conspiracy. [Am. Lit.: Hale The Man Without a Country in Magill I, 553]
  7. Quisling, Vidkun (1887–1945) Norwegian fascist leader; persuaded Hitler to attack Norway. [Nor. Hist.: Flexner, 444]
  8. Vichy seat of collaborationist government after German occupation (1941). [Fr. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 1128]
  9. Wallenstein, Count powerful German general in Thirty Years’ War who corresponded with the Swedish enemy. [Ger. Drama: Schiller Wallenstein in Magill II, 1119]