Terrorism Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Terrorism

  1. Al Fata Palestine Liberation movement’s terrorist organization. [Arab. Hist.: Wigoder, 186]
  2. Baader-Meinhof gang German terrorists. [Ger. Hist.: Facts (1978), 114–115]
  3. Black Panthers militant black revolutionists and civil-rightists. [Am. Hist.: Flexner, 46]
  4. Gestapo Nazi secret police; executors of “Final Solution.” [Ger. Hist.: Wigoder, 211]
  5. IRA the Irish Republican Army; long history of terror and violence. [Irish Hist.: NCE, 1365–1366]
  6. Ku Klux Klan post-Civil War white supremacist organization used terrorist tactics against blacks. [Am. Hist.: NCE, 1505]
  7. Nazis (National Socialism) spread fear and terror throughout Hitler’s Germany. [Ger. Hist.: NCE, 1894]
  8. Red Brigade Italian terrorist group; assassinated Aldo Moro (1978). [Ital. Hist.: Facts (1978), 133]
  9. Reign of Terror (1793–1794) revolutionary government made terror its means of suppression, by edict (September 5, 1793). [Fr. Hist.: EB, IX: 904]
  10. Symbionese Liberation Army small terrorist group that kid-napped Patty Hearst (1974–1975). [Am. Hist.: Facts (1974), 105]
  11. Weathermen American terrorist group against the “Establishment.” [Am. Hist.: Facts (1972), 384]