Suicide (See also Remorse, Self-Sacrifice.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Suicide (See also Remorse, Self-Sacrifice.)

  1. Achitophel hanged himself when his advice went unheeded. [O. T.: II Samuel 17:23]
  2. Aegeus throws himself into the sea believing that his son, Theseus, has come to harm. [Gk. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 12]
  3. Ajax (the Greater) kills himself in rage over loss of Achilles’ armor. [Rom. Lit.: Aeneid]
  4. Antigone imprisoned, kills herself in despair. [Gk. Lit.: Antigone]
  5. Antony, Mark thinking Cleopatra is dead, he falls upon his sword. [Br. Lit.: Shakespeare Antony and Cleopatra]
  6. Bart, Lily social climber takes poison when all her scheming comes to naught. [Am. Lit.: The House of Mirth in Hart, 385]
  7. Brand, Ethan acknowledging “the unpardonable sin,” throws himself into a lime kiln. [Am. Lit.: Hawthorne “Ethan Brand” in Hart, 261]
  8. Butterfly, Madama (Cio-cio-san) stabs herself when her American lover returns with his lawful wife. [Ital. Opera: Madama Butterfly in Osborne Opera, 192]
  9. Calista stabs herself on disclosure of adultery. [Br. Lit.: The Fair Penitent]
  10. Cassandra commits suicide to escape the Athenians. [Fr. Opera: Berlioz, The Trojans, Westerman, 174]
  11. Charmian kills herself after mistress Cleopatra’s death. [Br. Lit.: Antony and Cleopatra]
  12. Chuzzlewit, Jonas wicked murderer, found out, takes poison. [Br. Lit.: Dickens Martin Chuzzlewit]
  13. Cleopatra kills herself rather than being led through Rome in defeat. [Br. Lit.: Shakespeare Antony and Cleopatra]
  14. Compson, Quentin unable to prevent the marriage of his sister, he drowns himself on her wedding day. [Am. Lit.: Faulkner The Sound and the Fury in Magill I, 917]
  15. Deianira accidentally kills husband, Hercules; kills herself out of guilt. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 76]
  16. Dido kills herself when Aeneas abandons her. [Rom. Myth.: Avery, 392–393; Rom. Lit.: Aeneid]
  17. Dobson, Zuleika Oxford undergraduates commit suicide when she spurns them. [Br. Lit.: Magill II, 1169]
  18. Eden, Martin disgusted by society snobbery, he drowns him-self. [Am. Lit: Martin Eden]
  19. Ekdal, Hedvig heartbroken by her father’s rejection, puts a bullet through her breast. [Nor. Drama: Ibsen The Wild Duck in Magill I, 1113]
  20. Enobarbus kills himself for deserting Antony. [Br. Lit.: Antony and Cleopatra]
  21. Erigone hangs himself in grief over father’s murder. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 91]
  22. Evadne immolates herself on husband’s funeral pyre. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 100]
  23. Gabler, Hedda shoots herself upon realizing that she is in the power of a man aware that she drove another man to suicide. [Swed. Drama: Ibsen Hedda Gabler]
  24. Goneril stabs herself when her murder plot is discovered. [Br. Drama: Shakespeare King Lear]
  25. Hero grief-stricken when her beloved Leander drowns while swimming the Hellespont, she drowns herself. [Gk. Myth.: Brewer Dictionary, 450]
  26. Iseult (Yseult, Isolde) of Ireland arriving too late to save Tristram (Tristan) from death, she kills herself. [Medieval Legend: Brewer Dictionary, 913]
  27. Javert French inspector drowns himself to escape self-perpetuating torment. [Fr. Lit.: Les Misérables]
  28. Jonestown in Guyana; scene of mass-murder and suicides. [Am. Hist.: Facts (1978), 889–892]
  29. Julie, Miss compromised by a clandestine affair and thwarted in her plans to run away, she decides to kill herself. [Swed. Drama: Strindberg Miss Julie in Magill II, 675]
  30. Juliet stabs herself on seeing Romeo dead. [Br. Lit.: Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet]
  31. Kamikaze WWII Japanese pilot corps plunge own planes into enemy ships in banzai attacks. [Jap. Hist.: Fuller, III, 618–619]
  32. Karenina, Anna throws herself in front of approaching train. [Russ. Lit.: Anna Karenina]
  33. Little Father Time solemn child hangs his foster-brothers and himself because of the family’s misfortunes. [Br. Lit.: Hardy Jude the Obscure]
  34. Loman, Willy crashes his car to bring insurance money to his family. [Am. Drama: Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman]
  35. Mannon, Christine when her lover is killed she shoots herself. [Am. Drama: Eugene O’Neill Mourning Becomes Electra]
  36. Nickleby, Ralph learning that poor Smike is his own son, hangs himself. [Br. Lit.: Dickens Nicholas Nickleby]
  37. Ophelia driven insane by Hamlet’s actions, she drowns herself. [Br. Drama: Shakespeare Hamlet]
  38. Panthea kills herself upon death of lover, Abradates. [Gk. Lit.: Walsh Classical, 3]
  39. Paul deluded youth kills himself when his grandiose yearnings come to nothing. [Am. Lit.: Willa Lather “Paul’s Case”]
  40. Phaedra Athenian queen drinks poison after confessing guilt. [Fr. Lit.: Phaedra, M agill I, 741–742]
  41. Romeo thinking that Juliet’s sleep is death, he drinks poison. [Br. Lit.: Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet]
  42. Rudolf, Archduke crown prince of Austria (1858–1889) died in suicide pact with his mistress at Mayerling. [Aust. Hist.: Collier’s, XVI: 606]
  43. Saul falls on sword to avoid humiliation of capture. [O.T.: I Samuel 31:4–6]
  44. Sophonisba Carthaginian who took poison to avoid falling into Roman hands. [Rom. Hist.: Benét, 947]
  45. Suicide Club members wishing to die are chosen by lot, as are those who are to effect their deaths. [Br. Lit.: Stevenson “The Suicide Club”]
  46. Vane, Sibyl young actress kills herself after Dorian’s betrayal. [Irish Lit.: The Picture of Dorian Gray, Magill I, 746–748]