Stupidity (See also Dimwittedness, Ignorance.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Stupidity (See also Dimwittedness, Ignorance.)

  1. Abdera maritime city whose inhabitants were known proverbially for their stupidity. [Gk. Folklore: Benét, 2]
  2. Boeotians inhabitants of rural Greek district; considered by Athenians to be dolts. [Gk. Folklore: Brewer Dictionary, 124]
  3. Chelm mythical place inhabited by amiable simpletons. [Jew. Folklore: Rosten, 84]
  4. donkey chooses cuckoo’s singing over nightingale’s. [Ger. Folk-lore and Poetry: Brentano and Arnim, Des Knaben Wunderhorn; NCE, 363]
  5. Dull, Anthony archexample of stupidity. [Br. Lit.: Love’s Labour’s Lost]
  6. Elbow ignorant, blundering constable. [Br. Lit.: Measure for Measure]
  7. Gimpel a baker, foolish to the point of saintliness, is cuckolded and mocked, becomes a Wandering Jew. [Jewish Lit.: Singer Gimpel the Fool in Weiss, 174]
  8. Mendel, Menachem hopeless schlemiel who devises impossible enterprises. [Yid. Lit.: Sholem Aleichem in Haydn & Fuller, 685]
  9. pomegranate symbol of foolishness. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 176]
  10. Simple Simon simpleton of bumptious ways. [Nurs. Rhyme: Opie, 385]
  11. Slender “though well-landed, an idiot.” [Br. Lit.: Merry Wives of Windsor]
  12. Smith, Knucklehead dummy with self-referring name. [TV: “Winchell and Mahoney” in Terrace, II, 190–192]
  13. Snerd, Mortimer a real dummy. [Radio: “The Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Show” in Buxton, 76–77]
  14. Stephen simpleton; made gapingstock by all. [Br. Lit.: Every Man in His Humour]
  15. three wise men of Gotham fools momentarily afloat in a light bowl. [Nuns. Rhyme: Opie, 193]