Spinsterhood Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Spinsterhood

  1. Forsyte, June jilted by her fiance, becomes an old maid. [Br. Lit.: The Forsyte Saga]
  2. Grundy, Miss prim and proper schoolteacher, continually vexed by her students’ antics. [Comics: “Archie” in Horn, 87]
  3. Havisham, Miss old spinster; always wore her bridal dress though jilted on wedding day. [Br. Lit.: Great Expectations]
  4. Lovell, Charlotte rather than reveal that an orphan girl is her own child, she spends her life as an old maid. [Am. Lit.: Edith Wharton The Old Maid in Magill I, 679]
  5. Sloper, Catherine becomes an old maid rather than marry a man interested in her inheritance. [Am. Lit.: Washington Square in Hart, 899]
  6. Throssel, Miss Phoebe a spinster with marriage continually on her mind. [Br. Lit.: Quality Street, Magill I, 793–795]