Soldiering (See also Militarism.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Soldiering (See also Militarism.)

  1. All Quiet on the Western Front youth Paul Baumer suffers the miseries of the first World War. [Ger. Lit.: Remarque All Quiet on the Western Front]
  2. Atkins, Tommy nickname for English soldiers. [Br. Folklore: Walsh Modern, 33]
  3. Bailey, Beetle hapless private who resists authority and seeks easy way out. [Comics: Horn, 105–106]
  4. Ellyat, Jack from Connecticut: Union trooper undergoes many hardships. [Am. Lit.: “John Brown’s Body” in Magill I, 445–448]
  5. Fuzzy-Wuzzy name for bushy-haired Sudanese warriors celebrated in a Kipling ballad. [Br. Lit.: Kipling Barrack-Room Ballads in Benét, 81]
  6. G.I. Joe any American soldier. [Am. Military Slang: Misc.]
  7. Good Soldier Schweik simple, innocent Czech soldier in the Austrian army during World War I. [Czech Lit.: The Good Soldier: Schweik, Magill IV, 390–392]
  8. Gurkhas Nepalese mercenaries, renowned for valor. [Nepalese Hist.: NCE, 1165]
  9. Janissaries elite Turkish infantry. [Turk. Hist.: Fuller, I, 499, 508]
  10. Red Badge of Courage, The young Civil War recruit Henry Fleming receives his baptism of fire. [Am. Lit.: Stephen Crane The Red Badge of Courage]
  11. Sad Sack whose travails reflect those of all soldiers. [Comics: Horn, 595–596]
  12. Sherston, George involved in the heavy action of World War I. [Br. Lit.: Memoirs of an Infantry Officer in Magill I, 579]
  13. Uncle Toby and Corporal Trim inarticulate ex-soldier and his loquacious orderly reconstruct campaigns on small bowling green. [Br. Lit.: Tristram Shandy in Magill I, 1027]
  14. Wingate, Clay from Georgia: Confederate counterpart of Jack Ellyat. [Am. Lit.: “John Brown’s Body” in Magill I, 445–448]