Resourcefulness Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Resourcefulness

  1. Buck clever and temerarious dog perseveres in the Klondike. [Am. Lit.: Call of the Wild]
  2. Crichton, Admirable butler proves to be infinite resource for castaway family on island. [Br. Lit.: The Admirable Crichton]
  3. Crusoe, Robinson inventive when shipwrecked on an island. [Br. Lit.: Robinson Crusoe]
  4. duck from ingeniousness of duck in .eluding enemies. [Heraldry: Halberts, 26]
  5. Fogg, Phileas burns his boat’s superstructure and decks for fuel and thus reaches London on time. [Fr. Lit.: Jules Verne Around the World in Eighty Days]
  6. Swiss Family Robinson shipwrecked family carves hospitable life from wilderness. [Children’s Lit.: Swiss Family Robinson]
  7. Thoreau, Henry David (1817–1862) example of man’s ability to build his own life in the wilderness. [Am. Hist.: NCE, 2738]