Prostitution (See also Courtesanship, Mistresses.) Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Prostitution (See also Courtesanship, Mistresses.)

  1. Adriana comely girl becomes prostitute to support herself. [Ital. Lit.: The Woman of Rome]
  2. Brattle, Carrie returns home reconciled after life in gutter. [Br. Lit: The Vicar of Bullhampton]
  3. Celestina old, evil procuress hired as go-between. [Span. Lit.: Celestina]
  4. Dolores and Faustine provide Swinburne with masochistic pleasure. [Br. Poetry: Poems and Ballads in Magill IV, 704]
  5. Harlot’s Progress, The Hogarth engravings tracing a prostitute’s miserable career to its degraded end. [Br. Art: EB (1963) XI, 624]
  6. Hill, Fanny frankly erotic heroine of frankly erotic novel. [Br. Lit.: Memoirs of Fanny Hill.]
  7. La Douce, Irma leading French prostitute on Pigalle. [Am. Cinema: Halliwell, 460]
  8. Lulu keeper of two others on her earnings. [Aust. Opera: Berg, Lulu, Westerman, 484]
  9. Maggie innocent girl, corrupted by slum environment, becomes a prostitute. [Am. Lit.: Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, Hart, 514]
  10. Mary Magdalene repentant prostitute who anointed Jesus’s feet. [N.T.: Luke 7:36–50]
  11. Nana beautiful lady who thrived on a troop of men. [Fr. Lit.: Nana, Magill I, 638–640]
  12. Overdone, Mistress “a bawd of eleven years’ continuance.” [Br. Lit.: Measure for Measure]
  13. Rahab harlot of Jericho who protected Joshua’s two spies. [O.T.: Joshua 2]
  14. Tearsheet, Doll violent-tempered prostitute, an acquaintance of Falstaff. [Br. Lit.: Shakespeare II Henry IV]
  15. Thais notorious harlot in Malebolge, Hell’s eighth circle. [Ital. Lit.: Inferno]
  16. Toast, Joan a most saintly whore. [Am. Lit.: The Sot-Weed Factor]
  17. Warren, Mrs. raises daughter in comfort and refinement on her bedside earnings. [Br. Lit.: Mrs. Warren’s Profession in Plays Unpleasant]