Pedantry Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Pedantry

  1. Blimber, Cornelia “dry and sandy with working in the graves of deceased languages.” [Br. Lit.: Dombey and Son]
  2. Casaubon, Edward dull pedant; dreary scholar who marries Dorothea. [Br. Lit.: Middlemarch]
  3. Caxton, Austin erudite bookworm. [Br. Lit.: The Caxtons]
  4. Choakumchild, Mr. pedantic master of Gradgrind’s school. [Br. Lit.: Hard Times]
  5. Conseil taxonomically talented servant of Prof. Aronnax. [Fr. Lit.: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea]
  6. Dalgetty, Rittmaster Dugald garrulous pedant. [Br. Lit.: A Legend of Montrose]
  7. Fluellen pedantic Welsh captain and know-it-all. [Br. Lit.: Henry V]
  8. Holofernes shameless pedagogue-schoolmaster. [Br. Lit.: Love’s Labour’s Lost]
  9. Sampson, Dominie old-fashioned, donnish scholar. [Br. Lit.: Guy Mannering]
  10. Scriblerus, Martinus learned fool. [Br. Lit.: Benét, 909]
  11. Thwackum selfish and ill-humored clerical pedagogue. [Br. Lit.: Tom Jones]