Peace Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Peace

  1. Beulah, Land of resting-place of pilgrims after crossing river of Death. [Br. Lit.: Pilgrim’s Progress]
  2. Concordia ancient Roman goddess of peace and domestic harmony. [Rom. Myth.: Zimmerman, 68]
  3. dove emblem of peace, tenderness, innocence, and gentleness. [Folklore: Brewer Dictionary, 340]
  4. Geneva site of peace conferences (1955, 1960); seat of League of Nations (1920–1946). [Swiss Hist.: NCE, 1058]
  5. Goshen, Land of place of peace and prosperity. [O.T.: Genesis 14:10]
  6. Irene goddess of peace and conciliation. [Gk. Myth.: Espy, 21]
  7. Jesus Christ prince of peace in Christian beliefs. [N.T.: Matthew; Mark; Luke; John]
  8. laurel traditional emblem of peace. [Plant Symbolism: Jobes, 374]
  9. olive branch symbol of peace and serenity. [Gk. and Rom. Myth.: Brewer Handbook; O.T.: Genesis, 8:11]
  10. Pax goddess of peace. [Rom. Myth.: Zimmerman, 194]
  11. peace pipe pipe of North American Indians; smoked at conclusion of peace treaties. [Am. Hist.: NCE, 427]
  12. Quakers nonmilitant, gentle, religious sect. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 189]