Mimicry Allusions, Definition, Citation, Reference, Information - Allusion to Mimicry

  1. chameleon lizard able to change the color of its skin to match brown or green surroundings; has come to mean ‘inconstant person.’ [Western Culture: Misc.]
  2. Costard apes Elizabethan courtly language. [Br. Lit.: Love’s Labour’s Lost]
  3. Doolittle, Eliza slum girl taught by professor to imitate upper class. [Br. Lit.: Pygmalion]
  4. lyrebird Australian bird; one of the most famous mimic species. [Ornithology: Sparks, 116]
  5. mockingbird noted for mimicking songs of other birds; one of the world’s most noted singers. [Ornithology: Sparks, 116]
  6. monkey known to copy human actions. [Western Cult.: Misc.]
  7. myna certain species are able to mimic human speech and other sounds. [Ornithology: Sparks]
  8. parrot bird able to mimic human speech; hence, parrot ‘to repeat or imitate.’ [Western Culture: Misc.]